CSU lands $1.2 million in NIH funding to advance work on a new tuberculosis vaccine

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Due to COVID-19, our Core Facilities will be operating under special circumstances. 

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Research Core Facilities

The Office of the Vice President for Research is committed to supporting foundational research infrastructure and facilities necessary to enable excellence, innovation, and outstanding achievement in research, scholarship and creative artistry.Our CORES program ensures access to state-of-the-art research tools and expertise across the University and enables development of new directions in emerging areas of research and technology.  The OVPR supports CSU Core Facilities by providing stewardship, visibility and leadership for strategic planning and vision.  Infrastructure is supported through competitive internal funding requests sourced through a designated stream of our research.

Provide access to resources and services in new or emerging area of research and technology. These facilities may serve a broad or focused spectrum of researchers primarily within CSU.  Emerging Innovations Core Facilities may receive seed support to enable development and ensure agility of resources for new areas of research service.

These facilities serve a broad spectrum of researchers spanning multiple departments and colleges within CSU as well as external academic and commercial partners and represent a center of excellence for a given technology or area of expertise. Foundational Core Facilities are financially supported, in part, by the OVPR to ensure stability and quality of these important resources.  Characteristics of a Foundational Core Facility

 Represents critical physical infrastructure that supports the strategic goals of the CSU research mission.   These facilities may operate as a recharge center and/or may have specific compliance regulation needs.   Institutional Research Facilities are designated through a partnership between college leadership and the Vice President for Research.

Provide access to resources and services within a unit or research community.  These facilities may receive one-time funding support from the OVPR to enable specific activities but are typically supported through their home unit. 

Funding Opportunities for Core Facilities

The OVPR CORES funding program is currently focused on supporting Foundational and Emerging Innovations Core Facilities. The last RFP process was completed in 2015.

  • Foundational Cores are funded for a period of 4 years.   There is no limit to the number of renewals assuming that the facility is successful and continues to meet the definition of a Foundational Core.

  • Emerging Innovation Cores are funded for a period of 2 years with the possibility of renewal for a second 2 year term.

Core Facility infrastructure is sourced through a designated stream of our research F&A which will vary annual based on research expenditures.  Therefore, an annual budget request process is required for all funded cores and funding levels may change annually based on available funds.

Administrative Resources

CORES Point of Contact: Ellen Fisher, Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, OVPR  (970) 491-5250

Recharge Accounts:  Erin Mercurio, Manager, University Accountant, CSU Business and Financial Services (970) 491-6752

Purchasing Capital Equipment:  Greg Smith, Purchasing Agent for Capital Equipment, CSU Procurement (970) 491-2689

Regulated Research and/or Human Samples: Karen Dobos, Director, Research Integrity and Compliance Office (970) 491-2229

John Belisle

Ray Goodrich

Shane Hentges

Matt Kipper

Nancy Levinger

Carmen Menoni

Jessica Metcalf

Jake Roberts

  • Allowable and Unallowable Costs when billing Federally funded research projects: Summary or Full Procedure

The following tools were developed in collaboration with CSU Business and Financial Services and represent the preferred format for submission of these required documents for review.  The tools were developed to enable efficient updating and transparency.

Business and Financial Services, in conjunction with the VPR’s office and Sponsored Programs, has created a listserv specifically for Fiscal Officers associated with Recharge (21/22) Accounts.

Our goal with this listserv is to create a community across our campus of people with similar responsibilities related to Recharge Accounts and to generate a forum in which we can easily disseminate important informationand where questions can be asked and answered.

We hope this group can be open and collaborative where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and providing constructive feedback and recommendations.

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