Life Science Stockroom – Vendors and Products

Life Sciences Stockroom Brochure

ARC-BIO is able to offer the campus community a wide variety of research products from a number of vendors through the Life Science Stockroom. Items may be picked up at C115 Microbiology during regular office hours. Because we are able to bill CSU accounts directly, there is no need for IMOs or A-cards during purchasing. We maintain a stock of commonly used enzymes and molecular biology reagent kits. Non-stock items can be ordered as well. Please note that prices and stock availability are subject to change.

In addition, we have successfully negotiated preferred client discounts, haz-mat fee waivers, and free shipping for many special order items available from our vendors. These arrangements can often make placing orders through us less expensive that buying directly from the vendors. However, please note that due to variations in vendor agreements, the final pricing of special orders over $350.00 from the Enzyme Freezer Program may exceed catalog pricing. Please inquire about pricing prior to placing your order.

Please call (970) 491-3459 or email us for more information.

Vendors and Products

View the list of products offered through our stockroom to CSU customers. As of 7/1/19 the stockroom has added two new vendors showcasing their unique products, USA Scientific and Peak Serum. Peak Serum has added several items including their line of Biodegradable Gloves. USA Scientific also joined us with a complete line of products which includes recyclable tips and tip boxes.

  • Agilent
  • Atlas Biologicals
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Gold Biotechnology
  • Life Tech
  • Light Labs
  • New England Biolabs
  • Promega
  • Qiagen
  • Sigma
  • Thomas Scientific
  • USA Scientific
  • VWR
  • Zymo

Search table by Vendor, Keyword or Catalog Number

Herculase II Fusion DNA Polymerase40rxn60067563.35Agilent
PfuTurbo DNA Polymerase100U600250136.62Agilent
PfuUltra II Fusion Hotstart DNA Polymerase40rxn600670126.27Agilent
QuikChange II site-directed mutagenesis Kit10rxn200523320.85Agilent
QuikChange II XL site-directed mutagenesis Kit10rxn200521320.85Agilent
QuikChange Multi Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit10rxn200515450.23Agilent
Strataclone Blunt PCR Cloning Kit10rxn240207349.85Agilent
Strataclone PCR Cloning Kit20rxn240205321.89Agilent
SURE Competent Cellsea200238252.54Agilent
XL 10-Gold competent Cells5x100ul200314198.72Agilent
XL 1-Blue Competent Cellsea200249165.6Agilent
Brilliant III Ultra-Fast qRT PCR Master Mixea600884673.79Agilent
Brilliant III Ultra-Fast SYBR qPCR Master Mixea600882400.55Agilent
Brilliant III Ultra-Fast SYBR qRT-PCR Master Mix400rxn600886673.79Agilent
Fetal Bovine Serum, 100% United States Origin500mlF-0500-A460Atlas Biologicals
EquaFETAL Fetal Bovine Serum500mlEF-0500-A235.75Atlas Biologicals
Fetal Bovine Serum, USDA Tested (Mexico)500mlF-0500-D287.5Atlas Biologicals
10x Tris-Borate-EDTA 4L4LBP1333472.23Fisher Scientific
Agarose Low Gel Melting100gBP1360100373.51Fisher Scientific
Agarose Mol.Biol.Grade100gBP1356100173.87Fisher Scientific
Agarose Molecular Biology Grade, Low EEO100gBP160-100101.82Fisher Scientific
Ampicillin25uBP1760-2584.49Fisher Scientific
DNTP Mix100ulBP25641112.1Fisher Scientific
Ethidium BromideI gBP102141.87Fisher Scientific
Ethidium Bromide10mlBP13021049.36Fisher Scientific
AGAR500gBP2641-500181.33Fisher Scientific
KanamycineaBP906560.48Fisher Scientific
LB Lennox BrotheaBP142750056.12Fisher Scientific
LB Miller AGAReaBP1425500140.4Fisher Scientific
LB Miller BrotheaBP142650047.89Fisher Scientific
Proteinase K100mgBP170010090.45Fisher Scientific
Ribonuclease Inhibitor2500uBP32221125.26Fisher Scientific
SDS100gBP16610038.86Fisher Scientific
Tris HydrochlorideeaBP153500111.02Fisher Scientific
UREA Bioreagent Grade500gBP16950025.82Fisher Scientific
Water1LBP561150.29Fisher Scientific
1 kb DNA LaddereaBP2578100109.39Fisher Scientific
1 KB PLUS DNA LADDEReaBP2579100108.36Fisher Scientific
Nalgene Sterile Filter Unit (90 mm Membrane Diameter, 0.45 µm Pore Size, 500 ml Capacity)Case of 120974063E179.27Fisher Scientific
Nalgene 33 mm Bottle Top Sterile Filter Unit (75 mm Membrane Diameter, 0.45 µm Pore Size, 500 ml Capacity)Case of 120974064A80.18Fisher Scientific
Nalgene 45 mm Bottle Top Sterile Filter Unit (75 mm Membrane Diameter, 0.45 µm Pore Size, 500 ml Capacity)Case of 120974064B80.18Fisher Scientific
Nalgene Sterile Filter Unit (75 mm Membrane Diameter, 0.2 µm Pore Size, 500 ml Capacity)Case of 120974102119.04Fisher Scientific
Nalgene Sterile Filter Unit (50 mm Membrane Diameter, 0.2 µm Pore Size, 250 ml Capacity)Case of 12097410479.38Fisher Scientific
Nalgene Sterile Filter Unit (90 mm Membrane Diameter, 0.2 µm Pore Size, 500 ml Capacity)Case of 120974105132.31Fisher Scientific
Nalgene 33 mm Bottle Top Sterile Filter Unit (75 mm Membrane Diameter, 0.2 µm Pore Size, 500 ml Capacity)Case of 12097410676.35Fisher Scientific
pGem T easy Vector System20rxnPR-A1360209.1Fisher Scientific
Trypsin Gold-Mass Spec Grade100ugPR-V5280148.67Fisher Scientific
McCoy's 5A, 1X Media 500mlMT10050CV15.86Fisher Scientific
Ethanol (200 proof) Molecular Biology/HPLC Grade500mlBP2818-50072.83Fisher Scientific
Water LC/MS Optima4LW6-427.28Fisher Scientific
Methanol LC/MS Optima4LA456-472.07Fisher Scientific
Acetonitrile LC/MS Optima4LA955-496.26Fisher Scientific
DMEM High Glucose, w/L-Glu, no Sodium Pyr.500mlSH30022017.41Fisher Scientific
DMEM/Mod w/Sodium Pyr., no L-Glu500mlSH30285019.15Fisher Scientific
DPBS no Mg or Ca500mlSH30028027.8Fisher Scientific
Fetal Bovine Serum, USDA Tested500mlSH3091003433.79Fisher Scientific
HAM's F12 w/ L-Glu500mlSH30026018.99Fisher Scientific
HyPure Cell Culture grade water500mlSH30529026.69Fisher Scientific
HyQTase Trypsin Cell Detachment Solution100mlSV300300131.6Fisher Scientific
L-Glutamine 200mM in NaCl soln.100mlSH30034019.56Fisher Scientific
MEM Alpha w/L-glut,ribo/deox500mlSH302650111.74Fisher Scientific
MEM/EBBS w/Earle's Salt & L-Glu500mlSH30024016.36Fisher Scientific
MEM/EBBS w/o L-Glu500mlSH30244017.71Fisher Scientific
PBS 1X .0067M P04, w/o Ca,Mg,Phenol Red500mlSH30256016.66Fisher Scientific
PENICILLIN STREPTOMYCIN SOL100mlSV3001011.1Fisher Scientific
RPMI 1640 w/ L-Glu500mlSH30027017.18Fisher Scientific
Trypsin .05%100mlSH30236017.75Fisher Scientific
Trypsin .25%100mlSH30042018.25Fisher Scientific
Agarose LE (Molecular Biology Grade)100gA-201-10091.08Gold Biotechnology
Ampicillin10gA-301-1034.04Gold Biotechnology
Carbenicillin5gC-103-544.16Gold Biotechnology
Chloramphenicol25gC-105-2523.92Gold Biotechnology
D-Luciferin (Potassium)1gLUCK-1G225.4Gold Biotechnology
DTT10gDTT1046.92Gold Biotechnology
G4181gG-418-130.36Gold Biotechnology
GelRed Nucleic Acid Gel Stain500ulG-725-500122.13Gold Biotechnology
Hepes, Free Acid100gH-400-10034.04Gold Biotechnology
Hygromycin B1gH-270-168.08Gold Biotechnology
IPTG5gI2481C527.6Gold Biotechnology
Kanamycin10gK-120-1045.08Gold Biotechnology
Proteinase K, Rnase/Dnase Free100mgP-480-10049.68Gold Biotechnology
TCEP5gTCEP568.08Gold Biotechnology
Tris (Tris Base)1kgT-400-157.96Gold Biotechnology
X-gal1gX4281C43.24Gold Biotechnology
dNTP Mix (1ml)1mlD-900-129.33Gold Biotechnology
100 BP DNA ladder500ulD001-50043.24Gold Biotechnology
1 KB DNA ladder500ulD010-50043.24Gold Biotechnology
1 KB PLUS DNA ladder500ulD011-50054.28Gold Biotechnology
100 BP PLUS DNA ladder500ulD003-50043.24Gold Biotechnology
BLUEstain Protein Ladder500ulP007-500105.8Gold Biotechnology
BLUEstain2 Protein Ladder500ulP008-500105.8Gold Biotechnology
StartingBlock Blocking Buffer in TBS1LPI 37542211.23Life Tech
RESTORE- Stripping Buffer500mlPI 21059184.45Life Tech
SuperSignal West PICO Substrate500mlPI 34580320.1Life Tech
SuperSignal West FEMTO Ext. Duration Substrate100mlPI 34095426.09Life Tech
Supersignal West Dura Substrate100mlPIA 34075408.18Life Tech
BCA Protein Assay Kit (250 +std assays; 2500 microplate assays)500mlPI 23227153.85Life Tech
Coomassie Plus - The Better Bradford Assay Kit950mlPI 23236210.81Life Tech
Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes, 10K MWCO, 3-12ml capacity8/pkPI 66810160.67Life Tech
Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes, 3.5K MWCO, 3-12ml capacity8/pkPI 66110130.41Life Tech
Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes, 3,500 MWCO, 12-30ml 6/pkPI 66130102.91Life Tech
Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes, 3.5K MWCO, 0.5-3 ml capacity10 packPI 66330115.55Life Tech
Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes, 10K MWCO, 0.5-3 ml capacity10 packPI 66380103.62Life Tech
HALT Protease Inhibitor Cocktail - EDTA Free1mlPI 87785110.49Life Tech
Imperial Stain, Protein Gels1LPI 24615165.27Life Tech
GelCode Blue Protein Stain500mlPI 2459098.21Life Tech
1 KB PLUS DNA LADDER250ug10787018124.83Life Tech
100 bp DNA Ladder50ug1562801980.72Life Tech
100mM dNTP SET4 X 25 umol10297018370.85Life Tech
10mM dNTP Mix (100ul)100ul1842701352.98Life Tech
10mM dNTP Mix (1ml)1ml18427088148.67Life Tech
ANTIBIOTIC ANTIMYCOTIC100mL1524006246.14Life Tech
B 27 SUPPLEMENT10ml17504044120.27Life Tech
BENCHMARK PRESTAIN PROT LADDER2 X 250ul10748010250.18Life Tech
DISTILLED WATER (ULTRAPURE)500ml1097701542.49Life Tech
DMEM500ml1031302113.37Life Tech
DMEM, w/ L-glutamine500ml1196509211.63Life Tech
DPBS, 10X500ml1420007553.39Life Tech
Glutamax I100ml3505006140.92Life Tech
Dulbecco's PBS 500ml1404013326.43Life Tech
HEPES100ml1563008075.3Life Tech
L GLUTAMINE, 100X100ml2503008131.23Life Tech
LIPOFECTAMINE 2000 REAGENT1.5ml11668019770.67Life Tech
LIPOFECTAMINE 2000 REAGENT0.75ml11668027489.82Life Tech
Lipofectamine Reagent1ml18324012538.45Life Tech
Lipofectamine LTX1ml15338100777.26Life Tech
Lipofectamine RNAiMax.75ml13778075530.08Life Tech
Low DNA Mass Ladder200ul10068013114.06Life Tech
Magicmark XP Western Standard250ulLC5602364.3Life Tech
Max Efficiency DH5 Alpha Competent Cells1ML (5 X 0.2ML) 18258012253.15Life Tech
MEM NEAA, 100X100ml1114005023.37Life Tech
MLV-REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE40000 U28025013334.89Life Tech
Neurobasal Medium500ml2110304986.83Life Tech
NUPAGE LDS SAMPLE BUF (4X)10mlNP000720.82Life Tech
NUPAGE MES SDS RUNBUF 20X500mlNP000299.43Life Tech
NUPAGE MOPS SDS RNBUF 20X500mlNP0001100.57Life Tech
NUPAGE 10% BT Gel 1.0MM12W10 PER BOXNP0302BOX168.5Life Tech
NUPAGE 12% BT GEL 1.0MM 10W10 PER BOXNP0341BOX168.46Life Tech
NUPAGE 12% BT GEL 1.0MM 12W10 PER BOXNP0342BOX168.5Life Tech
NUPAGE 4-12% BT GEL 1.0MM12W10 PER BOXNP0322BOX162.32Life Tech
NUPAGE 4-12% BT GEL 1.0MM15W10 PER BOXNP0323BOX168.67Life Tech
NUPAGE 4-12% BT GEL 1.5MM 10W10 PER BOXNP0335BOX168.5Life Tech
NUPAGE ANTIOXIDANT15mlNP000536.25Life Tech
NuPage Transfer Buffer1LNP0006-1202.81Life Tech
Oligo (dt) 12-18 Primer25 ug18418012101.83Life Tech
OPTI MEM I500ml3198507053.77Life Tech
PBS, PH 7.4500ml1001002319.87Life Tech
PCR SuperMix100 rxns10572014122.29Life Tech
PENICILLIN STREPTOMYCIN SOL100ml1514012226.61Life Tech
Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase120rxn10966018148.34Life Tech
Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase600rxn10966034413.24Life Tech
Platinum Taq Hi Fi100rxn11304011229.46Life Tech
PLUS REAGENT0.85ml11514015319.02Life Tech
Prolong Gold Antifade10mlP36930229.16Life Tech
Prolong Diamond Antifade DAPI 55x2mlP36962258.52Life Tech
Prolong Diamond Antifade 55x2mlP36961245.33Life Tech
Proteinase K100mg25530015148.89Life Tech
Purelink PCR Purification Kit50 columnsK310001114.23Life Tech
Purelink Plasmid Maxi 2525 columnsK210007550.55Life Tech
Purelink Quick Plasmid mini 5050 columnsK21001090.88Life Tech
Random Primers, 1.5mm100 ul48190011101.72Life Tech
RNASEOUT RECOMB.RNASE INHIB.5000u10777019219.08Life Tech
RPMI 1640500ml2187007610.4Life Tech
SBCLNG EFF DH5@ COMP CELLS2.0ML (4 X 0.5ML)18265017105.01Life Tech
SC-TOPO TA Sequencing Kit20rxnK457501SC635.25Life Tech
SS III First-Strand Sys for RT-PCR50 rxn18080051541.14Life Tech
Superscript II Rnase H10,000u18064014422.54Life Tech
Superscript II Rnase H2000u18064022114.06Life Tech
SUPERSCRIPT III REV TRANSCRIPT10,000u18080044431.53Life Tech
Superscript IV First Strand System50rxn18091050602.09Life Tech
Platinum HS PCR 2X MM200rxn13000013228.16Life Tech
Platinum Green HS PCR 2X MM200rxn13001013228.16Life Tech
Superscript IV Reverse Transcriptase10,000u18090050446Life Tech
SYBR Gold Nucleic Acid Gel Stain500 ulS11494222.4Life Tech
SYBR Safe DNA Gel Stain 10,000X400 ulS3310291.05Life Tech
TAQ DNA POLYMERASE, CLONED500u10342020150.22Life Tech
Taq DNA Polymerase, Cloned100u1034205331.3Life Tech
TOP10 One Shot Competent Cells20rxnC404003481.91Life Tech
TOP10 One Shot Competent Cells10rxnC404010292.07Life Tech
TRIZOL REAGENT200ml15596018420.38Life Tech
TRIZOL REAGENT100ml15596026227.44Life Tech
TRYPSIN 0.25% EDTA100ml2520005616.32Life Tech
Oligofectamine Reagent1ml12252011586.67Life Tech
SuperScript III First Strand Q-PCR Supermix50rxn11752050643.39Life Tech
SYBR GreenER Q-PCR I Cycler500rxn11761500997.05Life Tech
Countess Cell Counting Chamber Slides50/boxC10228114.99Life Tech
Sodium Pyruvate Solution100ml1136007013.43Life Tech
MEM Amino Acid Solution100ml1113005126.17Life Tech
(ABI) Taqman Master Mix 200rxn4304437482.67Life Tech
(ABI) Power SYBR Green200rxn4367659261.17Life Tech
10mM dNTP Mix (1ml)1ml18427088119.29Life Tech
TrypLE Express (1x) Phenol Red100ml1260501017.7Life Tech
SuperScript III 1-step QRT-PCR Kit100rxn11732020460.58Life Tech
BFGF - Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor10ug13256029192.08Life Tech
Fetal Bovine Serum, Heat Inactivated500ml10438026360.3Life Tech
Fetal Bovine Serum, US Certified500ml16000044607.2Life Tech
Microamp 96-well RXN PlateBoxN801056050.58Life Tech
Spectra Multicolor Broad Range50 appsPI 26634122.31Life Tech
Turbo DNase-Free50rxnAM1907148.95Life Tech
UltraPure DNA Typing Grade 50X TAE Buffer1L24710030144.45Life Tech
Anza 1 NotI500uIVGN001476.21Life Tech
Anza 11 EcoRI8000uIVGN011654.36Life Tech
Anza 16 HindIII8000uIVGN016654.13Life Tech
Anza 12 XbaI2000uIVGN012665.23Life Tech
Anza 10 DpnI800uIVGN010671.76Life Tech
Anza 8 XhoI4000uIVGN008672.36Life Tech
Anza 36 Eco3II (Isoschizomer of BasI)800uIVGN036666.33Life Tech
Anza 13 Esp3I (Isoschizomer of BsmBI)800uIVGN0136306.21Life Tech
Anza 4 BpiI (Isoschizomer of BbsI)250uIVGN004471.77Life Tech
Platinum Hot Start PCR Master Mix (2X)50rxn1300001267.85Life Tech
Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase100u12351010206.22Life Tech
Platinum SuperFi Master Mix100rxn12358010284.18Life Tech
Platinum SuperFI Green PCR Master Mix100rxn12359010243.48Life Tech
SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix with ezDNase Enzyme50rxn11766-050763.8Life Tech
TaqMan Micro RNA RT Kit200rxn4366596433.72Life Tech
TaqMan Fast Advanced Mix5ml4444557536.42Life Tech
Cap Strips, Ultra Clear, for QPCR use with either plates or strip-tubes120 strips/boxAB 086637.9Life Tech
PCR 8-tube strips w/FLAT CAPS120 strips/boxAB 0451131.45Life Tech
Absolute QPCR optically clear seal50 sealsAB 117086.47Life Tech
PCR adhesive foil seal100 sealsAB 0626111.3Life Tech
96-well .2ml Skirted PCR Plate25/pkgAB 0800W86.19Life Tech
100bp DNA Ladder (80bp-1kb)100 lanesSM024164.86Life Tech
100bp DNA Ladder Plus (0.1-3kb)100 lanesSM032174.8Life Tech
10mM dNTP Mix0.2mlR019136.04Life Tech
10mM dNTP Mix1mlR0192130.48Life Tech
1kb DNA Ladder Ready to use500lanesSM0313175.75Life Tech
2X PCR Master Mix100rxnK0171141.94Life Tech
6X Loading Dye Solution5x1 mlR061149.46Life Tech
6X Orange Loading Dye Solution5x1 mlR063148.51Life Tech
ATP25µmR044153.65Life Tech
FastDigest BamHI10,000uFD005463.62Life Tech
FastDigest BgIII2,500uFD008452.83Life Tech
DNA Polymerase I (Klenow)300uEP0051107.8Life Tech
DNase I1000uEN052170.82Life Tech
dNTP Set4x25µmolR0181186.7Life Tech
FastDigest EcoRl10,000uFD027463.01Life Tech
Exonuclease I4000uEN058195.86Life Tech
GeneJet Plasmid MiniPrep Kit 250 prepsK0503268.09Life Tech
GeneRuler 100bp Ladder (Ready to use)100 lanesSM024382.62Life Tech
GeneRuler 100bp Plus (Ready to use)100 lanesSM032386.51Life Tech
GeneRuler, 1kb Ladder250-500 lanesSM0311143.61Life Tech
GeneRuler, 1kb Plus DNA Ladder, RTU500ugSM1333221.13Life Tech
Glycogen2 x 0.25mlR056174.54Life Tech
FastDigest Hindlll10,000uFD050463.49Life Tech
IPTG5gR0392199.36Life Tech
FastDigest Kpnl4000uFD052463.81Life Tech
FastDigest Ncol1,000uFD057496.39Life Tech
FastDigest Ndel4,000uFD0584107.12Life Tech
FastDigest Notl500uFD059488.84Life Tech
FastDigest Pstl10,000uFD061468.28Life Tech
RiboLock RNase Inhibitor2,500uEO038175.96Life Tech
RNase H100uEN0201219.49Life Tech
FastDigest Sma I2,000uFD066464.19Life Tech
T4 DNA Ligase1000uEL0011252.61Life Tech
T4 DNA Ligase (3-6U/uL)200uEL001479.59Life Tech
T4 DNA Polymerase100uEP006161.66Life Tech
T4 Polynucleotide kinase500uEK003160Life Tech
T7 RNA Polymerase5000uEP011188.02Life Tech
Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant)500EP0402126.21Life Tech
FastDigest Xba I 3,000uFD068453.62Life Tech
FastAP Alkaline Phosphatase1000EF065192.03Life Tech
SP6 RNA Polymerase1000EP013171.84Life Tech
GeneJet Gel Extraction Kit50uK069185.62Life Tech
GeneJet PCR Purification Kit50uK070172.83Life Tech
Phusion High-Fidelity Polymerase100uF530S98.58Life Tech
Phusion Green High Fidelity DNA Polymerase100uF534S111.93Life Tech
Prestained Protein Ladder100lanesPI26616150.41Life Tech
DreamTaq Green PCR Master Mix (2X)EAK1081102.7Life Tech
DreamTaq Hot Start Green PCR Master Mix200rxnK9021138.72Life Tech
EasyStrip Plus Tube Strip w/Attached Flat Caps250/boxAB2000241.03Life Tech
EasyStrip Plus Tube Strip w/Attached Ultra Clear Caps250/boxAB2005255.67Life Tech
PCR Plate, 96-well, non-skirted, black letteringBoxAB0600L105.01Life Tech
PCR Plate, 96-well, low profile, skirted, black letteringBoxAB0800L99.58Life Tech
SimpliAmp Thermal CyclerEAA248113574.33Life Tech
Maxima H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix50rxnM1661306.81Life Tech
1000ul Blue Tips, Bulk, R/D/P Free1000tips/bagB505113.96Light Labs
1.5ml Big Top Tube, Graduated, Natural500tubes/bagA701112.5Light Labs
.5ml Microtube, Graduated, Natural1000tubes/bagA702225.57Light Labs
2.0ml Microcentrifuge Tube, Natural 400tubes/bagA700615.28Light Labs
Solution Reservoirs, PVC, Nonsterile, Clear, 55ml100/pkgX500139.88Light Labs
Polystyrene, Gamma Radiation Sterilized, White50/pkgX500239.1Light Labs
0.2ml Flat Cap PCR Tubes, R/D/P Free1000/bagA100142.84Light Labs
8-strip PCR Tubes w/dome caps, R/D/P Free250strips/bagA4001139.48Light Labs
96-well Plate, Standard, R/D/P Free25plates/csA300480.94Light Labs
96-well Plate, Semi-Skirt, R/D/P Free25plates/csA315087.98Light Labs
Real Time PCR Sealing Film, for A-3150100sheets/pkgA3150-O107.09Light Labs
Molecular Biology Grade Agarose LE500gA-1705321.31Light Labs
10ul XL Multimax Barrier Pipette Tips960tips/packB210149.88Light Labs
20ul Multimax Barrier Pipette Tips960tips/packB210249.88Light Labs
100ul Multimax Barrier Pipette Tips960tips/packB210349.88Light Labs
200ul XL Multimax Barrier Pipette Tips960tips/packB2104SH49.88Light Labs
1250ul XL Multimax Barrier Pipette Tips 768tips/packB2105L52.22Light Labs
10ul QuickRack Reload Pipette Tips960tips/packB300420.91Light Labs
200ul QuickRack Reload Pipette Tips960tips/packB4005QR19.33Light Labs
Rectangular Cover Glass, 24 x 50mm, No. 110oz/packMIC-107553.96Light Labs
Starfrost Platinum Adhesive Microscope Slides, white frosted edge - 2 bxs/pk72/boxMIC-1044-WG32.64Light Labs
Starfrost Platinum Microscope Slides, white frosted edge - 2 bxs/pk72/boxMIC-1021-WG18.62Light Labs
1000ul QuickRack Reload Pipette Tips768/pkgB5005L27.55Light Labs
200 uL Yellow tips, bulk, R/D/P Free1000 tips/bagB405111.23Light Labs
1 kb DNA Ladder - 100 ug100ugN3232S52.5New England Biolabs
100 bp DNA Ladder - 50 ug50ugN3231S56.32New England Biolabs
Quick Alkaline Phosphatase, Calf1000uM0525S85.91New England Biolabs
BSA60mgB9000S30.54New England Biolabs
Deoxynucleotide Solution Mix10mM/eaN0447S61.09New England Biolabs
Age I-HF250R3552S70.63New England Biolabs
BamHI-HF5000R3136S59.18New England Biolabs
Dpn I1000R0176S63.95New England Biolabs
EcoRI-HF10000R3101S59.18New England Biolabs
EcoRV-HF4000R3195S59.18New England Biolabs
Hind III-HF10000uR3104S59.18New England Biolabs
Kpn I - HF3000R3142S63.95New England Biolabs
Nco I-HF1000R3193S62.04New England Biolabs
Nde I 4000uR0111S63.95New England Biolabs
NheI-HF1000R3131S66.82New England Biolabs
Not I - HF500uR3189S71.59New England Biolabs
Not I - HF2500R3189L293.99New England Biolabs
Pac I 250uR0547S67.77New England Biolabs
Pst I-HF10000R3140S63.95New England Biolabs
SalI-HF2000R3138S62.04New England Biolabs
ScaI-HF1000R3122S63.95New England Biolabs
Sma I 2000uR0141S62.04New England Biolabs
Spe I 500uR0133S66.82New England Biolabs
SphI-HF500R3182S66.82New England Biolabs
Xba I3000uR0145S68.72New England Biolabs
Xho I 5000uR0146S68.72New England Biolabs
Xma I500uR0180S66.82New England Biolabs
Phusion High-Fideltiy DNA Polymerase200uM0530S105.95New England Biolabs
Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase500uM0530L425.71New England Biolabs
Quick-Load 100bp DNA Ladder125lanesN0467S84.95New England Biolabs
T4 DNA Ligase - 100,000 units100000M0202L248.17New England Biolabs
T4 DNA Ligase - 20,000 units20000M0202S62.04New England Biolabs
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase - 500 unit500M0201S54.41New England Biolabs
Taq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol Buffer400M0267S61.09New England Biolabs
Taq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol Buffer2000M0267L242.44New England Biolabs
Taq DNA Polymerase with Standard Taq Buffer400M0273S62.04New England Biolabs
OneTaq DNA Polymerase200 ulM0480S42New England Biolabs
Q5 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase100M0491S107.86New England Biolabs
Q5 High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase500uM0491L429.53New England Biolabs
Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Kit50u T1010S81.13New England Biolabs
Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Kit250uT1010L344.57New England Biolabs
Monarch DNA Gel Extraction Kit50uT1020S99.27New England Biolabs
Monarch DNA Gel Extraction Kit250uT1020L453.39New England Biolabs
Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit (5ug)50uT1030S99.27New England Biolabs
Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit (5ug)250uT1030L453.39New England Biolabs
Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit 50uT2010S248.17New England Biolabs
Q5 Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit 10rxnE0554S191.85New England Biolabs
NEBuilding HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix10rxnE2621S151.77New England Biolabs
15 mL Peak Centrifuge Tubes CSPS-69580.5Peak Serum
50 mL Peak Centrifuge Tubes CSPS-69797.75Peak Serum
5 mL Peak Serological Pipettes CSPS-77233.35Peak Serum
10 mL Peak Serological Pipettes CSPS-77333.358Peak Serum
25 mL Peak Serological Pipettes CSPS-77479.35Peak Serum
10 uL extra long low retention filtered Peak Tips 960/pkPS-34055.78Peak Serum
20 uL Low Retention Filtered Ultra clear Peak Tips960/pkPS-370T55.78Peak Serum
200 uL Low Retention Filtered Ultra clear Peak Tips960/pkPS-390T55.78Peak Serum
1250 uL Low Retention Filtered Ultra clear Peak Tips576/pkPS-00055.78Peak Serum
10 uL XL's Fast Rack Peak Tips 960/pkPS-7050026.16Peak Serum
200 uL Universal Fit Fast Rack Peak Tips 960/pkPS-7051026.16Peak Serum
1250 uL XL's Fast Rack Peak Tips 768/pkPS-7054026.16Peak Serum
1.7 mL Peak Sure Lock microcentrifuge tubes 500/pkPS-51010.35Peak Serum
0.65 mL Peak Sure Lock microcentrifuge tubes 1000/pkPS-15023Peak Serum
X-small powder free Black Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFXSB21.3Peak Serum
small powder free Black Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFSB21.3Peak Serum
medium powder free Black Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFMB21.3Peak Serum
Large powder free Black Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFLB21.3Peak Serum
X-Large powder free Black Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFXLB21.3Peak Serum
X-small powder free Green Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFXSG21.3Peak Serum
Small powder free Green Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFSG21.3Peak Serum
Medium powder free Green Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFMG21.3Peak Serum
Large powder free Green Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFLG21.3Peak Serum
X-Large powder free Green Biodegradable Gloves 100/pkPS-PFXLG21.3Peak Serum
Large Powder free Blue Biodegradable Gloves200/pkPS-PFL224.75Peak Serum
Medium Powder free Blue Biodegradable Gloves200/pkPS-PFM224.75Peak Serum
Small Powder free Blue Biodegradable Gloves200/pkPS-PFS224.75Peak Serum
ImProm-II Reverse Trans-criptase5PRA3803741.06Promega
GoTaq qPCR Master Mix200 ReactionsPRA6001311.82Promega
Luciferase Assay SystemeaPRE1500116.96Promega
Luciferase Assay Systen Freezer Pack10x100assaysPRE4530919.08Promega
100bp DNA Step Ladder100lanesPRG6951195.62Promega
CellTiter-Glo Luminescent Cell Viability100mlPRG7572439.88Promega
Caspase-Glo 3/7 Assay2.5mlPRG8090139.73Promega
AMV Reverse Transcriptase300uPRM5101115.92Promega
GoTaq Hot Start Green Master Mix100PRM512297.75Promega
RQ1 RNase-Free DNase1000uPRM610155.89Promega
GoTaq Green Master Mix100 ReactionsPRM712244.97Promega
GoTaq Green Master Mix1000 ReactionsPRM7123392.96Promega
PCR Master Mix (2X)100rxnPRM7502107.53Promega
GoTaq Flexi DNA Polymerase500uPRM8295149.56Promega
Nano-Glo Live Cell Assay System100assaysPRN2011193.2Promega
Rec. RNasin RNase Inhibitor2500uPRN2511129.38Promega
Rec. RNasin RNase Inhibitor10000uPRN2515314.64Promega
pGEM Express Positive Control TemplateEAPRP256173.6Promega
Trypsin/Lys-C Mix, Mass Spec Grade15ugPRV5073162.5Promega
Buffer P1500ml1905172.22Qiagen
Buffer P2500ml1905271.48Qiagen
Buffer P3500ml1905370.1Qiagen
DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit50u69504173.02Qiagen
Endofree Plasmid Maxi Kit10u12362335.8Qiagen
Hi Speed Plasmid Midi Kit25u12643362.48Qiagen
MinElute PCR Purification Kit50u28004131.56Qiagen
Multiplex PCR Kit100rxn206143284.28Qiagen
Plasmid Midi Kit25u12143286.12Qiagen
Polyfect Transfection Reagent1ml301105179.86Qiagen
QIAamp DNA Mini Kit250u51306764.41Qiagen
QIAex II Gel Extraction Kit150u20021208.84Qiagen
QIAfilter Plasmid Midi Kit25u12243340.4Qiagen
Qiagen Plasmid Maxi Kit10u12162247.48Qiagen
QIAGEN Plasmid Maxi Kit25u12163558.44Qiagen
Qiagen RNeasy Mini Kit-50u74104332.35Qiagen
QIamp DNA Blood Mini Kit50u51104168.13Qiagen
Qiamp Viral RNA Mini Kit50u52904272.72Qiagen
QIAprep Spin Mini Kit250u27106399.28Qiagen
QIAprep Spin Miniprep50u2710491.72Qiagen
QIAquick Gel Extraction Kit50u28704119.6Qiagen
QIAquick Nucleotide Removal Kit50u28304119.6Qiagen
QIAquick PCR Purification Kit50u28104119.6Qiagen
QIAshredder kit50u7965493.94Qiagen
QuantiTect SYBR Green RT-PCRkit/200rxn204243802.24Qiagen
RNase A17,500u19101214.36Qiagen
Rnase-Free Dnase Set5079254113.39Qiagen
Rneasy Plant Mini Kit20u74903151.51Qiagen
Rneasy MinElute Cleanup Kit50u74204371.45Qiagen
Superfect Transfection Reagent1.2mg301305330.4Qiagen
Taq PCR Master Mix250u20144394.76Qiagen
Taq PCR Master Mix1000u201445356.96Qiagen
DNeasy Plant Mini Kit50u69104244.38Qiagen
One Step RT-PCR Kit100rxn210212584.2Qiagen
MiRneasy Mini Kit50u217004392.96Qiagen
miScript SYBR Green PCR Kit200rxn218073482.89Qiagen
ANTIBIOTIC ANTIMYCOTIC SOLUTION (100X),&100MLA595538.09Sigma/Millipore
DMEM - High Glucose500MLD65469.55Sigma/Millipore
ReadyMix Taq PCR REACTION MIX100RXNP4600132.35Sigma/Millipore
Gentamicin Solution Bioreagent10mlG1397-10ML58.85Sigma/Millipore
Trypsin-EDTA Solution, 1x, Sterile Filtered Bioreagent100MLT39247.99Sigma/Millipore
Proteinase K from Tritirachium album100 mgP6556142.03Sigma/Millipore
DPBS w/o Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride1 LD853719.23Sigma/Millipore
Water, Double-Processed Cell Culture1 LW350020.06Sigma/Millipore
Trypsin EDTA Solution, 0.25%100mlT4049-100ML8.11Sigma/Millipore
Bovine Serum Albumin100GA9647-100G140.76Sigma/Millipore
Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Sterile-Filtered50MLD2438-50ML94.19Sigma/Millipore
Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium - HIG 500MLD5796-500ML6.1Sigma/Millipore
Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium - HIG 500MLD6429-500ML5.89Sigma/Millipore
Dulbecco's Phosphate Buffered Saline, MO500MLD8537-500ML5.5Sigma/Millipore
Deoxynucleotide Set, 100 MM, 0.25 ML EAC1KTDNTP100-1KT148.73Sigma/Millipore
Ethidium Bromide Solution, Bioreagent&10MLE1510-10ML39.33Sigma/Millipore
Gentamicin Solutions Sterile-Filtered, B&10MLG1272-10ML13.09Sigma/Millipore
2-Propanol, Bioreagent, For Molecular&500MLI9516-500ML48.74Sigma/Millipore
Kanamycin Monosulfate From Streptomyces5GK4000-5G46.3Sigma/Millipore
Phosphate Buffered Saline, PH 7.4, Tru-&10PAKP3813-10PAK22.7Sigma/Millipore
Penicillin -Streptomycin Solution*Stabil100MLP4333-100ML25.13Sigma/Millipore
Poly-L-Lysine Solution Biobreag&50MLP4707-50ML94.54Sigma/Millipore
Poly-D-Lysine Hydrobromide MOL&5MGP6407-5MG64.17Sigma/Millipore
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail for use with 5MLP8340-5ML287.39Sigma/Millipore
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail for use*with5MLP9599-5ML229.11Sigma/Millipore
RPMI-1640 Medium, With L-Glutamine And S100MLR8758-100ML6.03Sigma/Millipore
RPMI-1640 Medium, With L-Glutamine And S500MLR8758-500ML5.83Sigma/Millipore
Sodium Chloride Redi-Dri ACS Reagent500G746398-500G20.03Sigma/Millipore
Sodium Pyruvate Solution100MLS8636-100ML10.18Sigma/Millipore
Complete EDTA-free Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Tabs20TABS4693132001408.6Sigma/Millipore
Complete Mini EDTA-free Protease Inhibitor Cocktal Tabs25TABS11836170001170.09Sigma/Millipore
Collagenase D500g1108885800184.18Sigma/Millipore
Hybridoma Fusion and Cloning Supplement10ml11363735001178.61Sigma/Millipore
PHOSSTOP-10 TABS10TABS4906845001146.28Sigma/Millipore
PHOSSTOP-20 Tabs20TABS4906837001266.37Sigma/Millipore
Glycerol, ACE Reagent500MLG7893-500ML22.25Sigma/Millipore
D-(+)-Glucose Anhydrous ACS Reagen500GG5767-500G11.21Sigma/Millipore
Bovine Serum Albumin50GA2153-50G203.98Sigma/Millipore
Trizma(R) Base500GT6066-500G68.45Sigma/Millipore
Trizma(R) Base Anhydrous, Redi-Dri1KGRDD008-1KG102.81Sigma/Millipore
Neutral Red Solution (0.33%)100MLN2889-100ML25.77Sigma/Millipore
SIGMAFAST™ OPD50SETP9187-50SET211.24Sigma/Millipore
Corning® Costar® TC-Treated Multiple Well Plates1EACLS3526-1EA9.48Sigma/Millipore
REDTaq® ReadyMix™ PCR Reaction Mix100RXNR2523-100RXN100.37Sigma/Millipore
NBT/BCIP Ready-to-Use TabletsBox11697471001129.16Sigma/Millipore
cOmplete™ ULTRA Tablets, Mini, EDTA-freeBox5892791001190.59Sigma/Millipore
Steritop-GP 500ml Express Plus PES .22um Bottle Top Filter UnitsCSS2GPT05RE79.67Sigma/Millipore
Stericup-GP 500ml Express Plus PES .22um Bottle Top Filter UnitsCSS2GPU05RE127.86Sigma/Millipore
Millex-GP 33MM PES .22um Syringe Filter UnitsCSSLGP033RS106.39Sigma/Millipore
Millex 33MM Durapore PVDF .22um Syringe Filter UnitsCSSLGV033RS107Sigma/Millipore
SpinSmart Miniprep Columns50u1158P4359.11Thomas/Denville
SpinSmart MiniPrep Colums250u1158P44273.01Thomas/Denville
SpinSmart PCR Pur & Gel Extract Columns50u1158P4868.07Thomas/Denville
SpinSmart PCR Purf & Gel Extract Colums250u1158P49279.92Thomas/Denville
Posi-Click Microcentrifuge Tube, 1.7mL500/pk1149K0114.92Thomas/Denville
Posi-Click Microcentrifuge Tube, 0.6mL1000/pk1149J9930.1Thomas/Denville
15mL Conical Tube500u1158R1192.13Thomas/Denville
50mL Conical Tube500u1158R09116.06Thomas/Denville
10XL Sharp Barrier Tips960/pk1159M4178.5Thomas/Denville
20uL Sharp Barrier Tips960/pk1159M4378.5Thomas/Denville
200uL Sharp Barrier Tips960/pk1159M4078.5Thomas/Denville
1000XL (1250uL) Sharp Barrier Tips576/pk1159M4262.54Thomas/Denville
10XL Woodpecker Unfiltered Reload960/pk1158U6123.93Thomas/Denville
200uL Woodpecker Unfiltered Reload960/pk1158U3627.15Thomas/Denville
1250uL Woodpecker Unfiltered Reload576/pk1158U3123Thomas/Denville
TipOne 300uL graduated pipet tip refill96/pk1110-973028.75USA
TipOne 10/20 uL XL natural ultra micropipet tip refill 96/pk1110-373025.3USA
TipOne 200 uL natural pipet tip refill 96/pk1111-073022.43USA
TipOne 1250 uL XL graduated pipet tip refill96/pk1112-177028.75USA
TipOne 200 uL graduated filter tip refill 96/pk1120-878056.06USA
TipOne 1000 uL XL graduated filter tip refill96/pk1122-176064.7USA
TipOne RPT 10 uL Ultra low pipete tip refill96/pk1161-373027.6USA
TipOne RPT 20 uL ultra low retention beveled filter tip refill96/pk1180-178056.06USA
TipOne RPT 10/20 uL XL ultra low retention filter tip refill96/pk1180-378056.06USA
Seal-Rite 1.5 mL graduated microcentrifuge tube natural polypropylene500/pk1615-552013.23USA
Seal-Rite 2 mL graduated microcentrifuge tube natural polypropylene500/pk1620-272018.4USA
TempAssure 0.2ml PCR Pull-apart Tube w/flat caps1000/bx1402-250092.69USA
LAYER4 Comfort powder-free nitrile exam gloves extra-small200/pk3915-1100C45.43USA
LAYER4 Comfort powder-free nitrile exam gloves small200/pk3915-2200C45.43USA
LAYER4 Comfort powder-free nitrile exam gloves medium200/pk3915-3300C45.43USA
LAYER4 Comfort powder-free nitrile exam gloves Large200/pk3915-4400C45.43USA
LAYER4 Comfort powder-free nitrile exam gloves extra-large200/pk3915-5500C45.43USA
DMEM High Glucose w/L-Glutamine, w/o Sodium Pyruvate500m45000-3128.06VWR
RPMI 1640 w/L-Glutamine500ml45000-3965.43VWR
DPBS CMF 1X500ml45000-43411.9VWR
PBS, CMF500ml45000-4465.35VWR
Molecular Biology Grade Water500ml71002-72621.95VWR
DMEM Hams F12 with L-glutamine500ml45000-34411.55VWR
DMEM with Sodium Pyruvate, w/o L-glutamine500ml45000-3168.53VWR
DMEM/Ham's F12 Media, w/o phenol red500ml45001-05213.28VWR
VWR ROBO Unassembled Autosampler Vial kit100/box66009-85421.65VWR
VWR Caps, Blue PP Split PTFE/SIL100/pkg89239-02214.87VWR
10uL VWR Low Retention Barrier Tips960/pkg76322-52847.98VWR
10uL XL VWR Low Retention Barrier Tips960/pkg76322-13247.98VWR
20ul VWR Low Retention Barrier Tips960/pkg76322-13447.98VWR
200uL VWR Low Retention Barrier Tips960/pkg76322-15047.98VWR
1000uL VWR Low Retention Barrier Tips960/pkg76322-15459.98VWR
1250uL VWR Low Retention Barrier Tips960/pkg76322-15659.98VWR
10uL VWR Graduated Low Retention Tip Refills960/pkg76323-39415.9VWR
10uL XL VWR Graduated Low Retention Tip Refills960/pkg76323-38815.9VWR
200uL VWR Graduated Low Retention Tip Refills960/pkg76323-39015.9VWR
1000uL VWR Graduated Low Retention Tip Refills960/pkg76323-45426.37VWR
1250uL VWR Graduated Low Retention Tip Refills960/pkg76323-45626.37VWR
.65mL GeneMate Microcentrifuge Tubes (C-3259-1)1000/box490004-45624.73VWR
1.7mL GeneMate Microcentrifuge Tubes (C-3260-1)500/box490004-44410.49VWR
2.0mL GeneMate Microcentrifuge Tubes (C-3261-1)500/box490004-45817.49VWR
VWR PCR 8-well Tube Strip Caps125/pkg83009-68417.25VWR
VWR PCR 8-strip Tubes, .2ml125/pkg20170-00261.13VWR
15mL VWR Conical Tubes Bulk500/box89039-66458.77VWR
50mL VWR Conical Tubes Bulk 500/box89039-65690.19VWR
5mL VWR Serological PS Pipettes 200/cs76201-71062.93VWR
10mL VWR Serological PS Pipettes 200/cs75816-10066.52VWR
25mL VWR Serological PS Pipettes 200/cs75816-09063.84VWR
VWR Powder Free Nitrile Gloves (L) 100/box82026-42820.31VWR
VWR Powder Free Nitrile Gloves (M) 100/box82026-42620.31VWR
VWR Powder Free Nitrile Gloves (S)100/box82026-42420.31VWR
VWR Culture Glass Tubes, 16x1501000/cs47729-58018.57VWR
VWR Scintilation Glass Vials, 20mL500/cs66022-065117.25VWR
VWR Glass Culture Tube, 13x1001000/cs47729-57243.01VWR
Wilmad Precision 5mm NMR TubeEA82005-34414VWR
VWR Scintilation Glass Vials, 1/2 DRAM144/pkg66011-02020.73VWR
VWR Spinbar OCT PTFE 1/2x3/8 inchEA58947-1206.46VWR
BD Syringe 1ml Luer LokEABD-3096280.55VWR
VWR Scintilation Glass Vials, 1 1/2 DRAM144/pkg66011-06325.9VWR
VWR Lab Tape, White, 3/4x500EA89097-98617.65VWR
BD Syringe 50ml Luer LokEABD3096530.9VWR
BD Syringe 5ml Luer LokEABD3096460.18VWR
VWR Scintilation Glass Vials, 2 DRAM144/pkg66011-08528VWR
BD Syringe 20ml Luer LokEABD3028300.55VWR
BD Syringe 10ml Luer LokEA75846-7560.2VWR
BD Syringe 3ml Luer LokEABD3096570.12VWR
KimWipes EX-L 30/box89218-0573.47VWR
Zymoclean Gel DNA Recovery Kit50prepsD400778.2Zymo
DNA Clean & Concentrator-550prepsD401369Zymo
ZymoPURE II Plasmid Maxiprep Kit20prepsD4203366.16Zymo
RNA Clean & Concentrator-5200prepsR1016446.2Zymo
Direct-zol RNA Micro-Prep Kit200prepsR2062501.4Zymo
ZR Plasmid Miniprep Classic Kit400prepsD4016339.48Zymo