Bioanalysis and Omics Team

Corey Broeckling

Corey Broeckling, PhD
ARC-BIO Director, Untargeted Metabolomics, Proteomics
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (970) 491-2273
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Linxing Yao

Linxing Yao, PhD
Targeted LC-MS/MS, Metabolomics, GC-MS
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (970) 491-0961
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Gustavo Diaz

Gustavo Diaz, PhD
Proteomics, Metaproteomics
Email: [email protected]

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Jackie Chaparro

Jacqueline Chaparro, PhD
Ionomics, ICP-MS
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (970) 491-4615
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Dorathea Lee

Dorathea Lee
Proteomics support
Email: [email protected]

Nathan Montgomery

Nathan Montgomery, PhD
LC-Q-TOF, metabolomics
Email: [email protected]

Grace H- 3

Grace Heinrich
Metabolomics support
Email: [email protected]

Christine Battaglia

Chrissy Battaglia
Life Science Stockroom Manager
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: (970) 491-3459

Former Lab Members (current affiliation)

Vikas Aithal (Service Engineer, Bruker)

Amy Sheflin (Board Certified Nutritionist)

Fabio Chaves (Senior Chemist, Nestlé Purina)

Lisa Wolfe (Research Scientist, Zoetis)

Hend Ibrahim (Subject Matter Expert at SOPHiA GENETICS)

Crystal-Dawn Badger (Metropolitan Utilities District: Omaha, Nebraska)

Matt Lewis (Bruker)

Jason Rivest (Cargill)

Kaylyn Kirkpatrick (Brewers Association)

Adam Heuberger (Associate Professor, Colorado State University)

Carolyn Broccardo (Director of Research Integrity & Compliance, U. Wyoming)

Hataichanok (Mam) Sherman (Director of Protein Expression/Purification, Biochemistry, Colorado State University)

Kevin Schauer (Thermo Fisher Scientific )

Faith Robison (Beckman Coulter)

Patrick Brophy (Generate Biomedicines)

Emily Davidson (PhD Candidate, Yale University)

Sarah Lyons (Computational Biologist)

Jane Andales (Colorado State University, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Katie Nasiatka (Research Chemist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Ashland, OR)