Analytical Resources Core (ARC)

We enable cutting-edge STEM research and development programs by providing access to analytical instrumentation, expert guidance, research training and services to CSU and the broader community. We aim to foster a collaborative, inclusive learning and service environment where researchers can obtain valuable data and insights driving scientific progress and new discoveries.

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ARC-MMA, ARC-BIO, and ARC-ISS have contributed to training over 300 faculty and students in the 2019 fiscal year alone, with over 2,600 users accessing these facilities along with the Emerging Innovations Core facilities.

Materials and Molecular Analysis Center

A research and training facility, specializing in the spectroscopic, spectrometric, X-ray and other materials characterization of synthetic, environmental and biological materials, both at the bulk and molecular scales.

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Bioanalysis and
Omics Center

The Bioanalysis and Omics Center provides analysis of complex biological samples using modern metabolomics and proteomics approaches, including supporting informatics.

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Imaging and Surface Science Center

The Imaging and Surface Science Center provides analysis of complex biological and inorganic samples using near- and far-field imaging methods, spectroscopy, and other surface analyses.

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