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Analytical Resources Core
Colorado State University
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ARC Directory

Dr. Karolien DenefARC Director(970) 491-3832
Cathy GriffinARC Business and Finance Manager(970) 491-6810
Meet the ARC-MMA Team
Dr. Karolien DenefARC-MMA Director(970) 556-4846
Dr. Brian NewellMaterials analysis, X-ray diffraction, and scattering(970) 491-6209
Dr. Claudia BootAnalytical mass spectrometry(970) 491-7049
Dr. Michele MailhotNMR(970) 218-4846
Dr. Alyssa Winter MaySoft materials analysis and MALDI-TOF(970) 491-5833
Dr. Indrani BhowmickMaterials Analysis(970) 491-2380
Paul MatthewsMass Spectrometry(970) 491-5367
Meet the ARC-BIO Team
Dr. Corey BroecklingARC-BIO Director(970) 491-2273
Dr. Linxing YaoTargeted LC-MS/MS, Metabolomics, GC-MS(970) 491-0961
Kitty BrownProteomics, MALDI(970) 491-0424 (extension 8)
Dr. Gustavo DiazProteomics 
Dr. Prithwiraj DeGC-MS, Carbohydrates analysis(970) 491-0424 (ext. 1)
Dr. Nathan MontgomeryUntargeted metabolomics, LC-QTOF 
Dr. Jacqueline ChaparroICP-MS(970) 491-0424 (extension 9)
Christine BattagliaLife Science Stockroom Manager(970) 491-3459
Meet the ARC-ISS Team
Dr. Roy GeissTEM/SEM scientist(970) 491-6103
Dr. Rebecca MillerSEM, XPS and surface analysis(970) 491-4046
ARC Advisory Board
Jamie NeilsonAssociate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Jeff BandarAssistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Rushika PereraAssociate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Travis BaileyProfessor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Jessica PrenniAssociate Professor, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Seth DavisAssistant Professor, Department of Forest & Rangeland Stewardship