Imaging & Surface Science Team:

Dr. Roy Geiss

Dr. Roy Geiss, Research Scientist II
Analytical Specialist TEM/SEM

Phone: (970) 491-6103

Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Cornell University
B.S. in Physics, Lafayette College

Rebecca Miller

Dr. Rebecca C. Miller, Post Doctoral Fellow

Phone: (970) 491-1876

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Colorado State University
B.Sc. in Chemistry, Iowa State University

Previous Team Members:

Jeff Field

Dr. Jeffrey J. Field, MIN Director

Phone: (970) 491-7194

Dr. Field earned his PhD in Physics in 2010 under the advisement of Prof. Jeff Squier at the Colorado School of Mines. Dr. Field’s dissertation was concentrated on applying ultrafast laser pulse shaping, beam shaping, and optical engineering to optimize various aspects of multiphoton microscopy for biological imaging. In particular, he focused on shaping laser pulses to mitigate photobleaching in two-photon excited fluorescence, developed several novel platforms for femtosecond laser pulse shaping and characterization, and worked with a team of graduate students to develop multifocal multiphoton microscopy methods.  In 2011, Dr. Field moved to University of California, San Diego and worked under Prof. David Kleinfeld to develop a multiphoton microscope with a 1 cm x 1 cm field of view for imaging both hemispheres of cortex in awake, behaving mice. In 2012, Dr. Field moved to Prof. Randy Bartel’s lab in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University, where he has continued to develop novel microscopy platforms, including a super-resolution imaging system, a fluorescent holographic imaging system, and continued optimization of multiphoton laser scanning microscopy systems. Dr. Field joined the MIN in August of 2015.

Dr.Pat McCurdy

Dr. Patrick McCurdy, Research Scientist III
Lab Manager, Imaging and Surface Science

Phone: (970) 491-1876

Retired: December 31, 2020

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Colorado State University
B.S. in Science Education, University of Nebraska at Lincoln