Center for Imaging and Surface Science

The ISS Center enables research and development programs by providing expertise and access to state-of-the-art equipment for near-field and far-field imaging, spectroscopy, and other surface characterization measurements.

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ISS provides for new or unfunded investigators who require essential preliminary data for competitive grant applications through a pilot project program. We also provide training of students and postdoctoral researchers in microscope imaging and related technologies, as well as igniting the interest of students in formal courses through demonstrations of microscope applications.

Advanced Microscopy Techniques

Access to one-of-a-kind, research grade instruments for novel investigations with a variety of imaging modalities.

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Analytical Resources Core

Provides access to analytical research instrumentation, expert guidance, services and education to CSU and the broader community.

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Microscope Imaging Network

A network of microscopy instruments external to the ARC-ISS that are also available to the CSU community.

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