Materials and Molecular Analysis (MMA)

Formerly known as the Central Instrument Facility (CIF)

The MMA creates a stimulating and collaborative environment so that students can learn and drive new research discoveries.

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We support and enable CSU STEM research and education programs, by offering outstanding analytical research instrumentation, highly skilled and professional personnel, individual training, and specialized workshops.

Materials Analysis

Provides expertise and instrumentation for the measurement of material properties like thermal stability and transitions, specific heat, magnetic AC and DC susceptibility, electrical and thermal transport properties, and paramagnetic properties.

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Mass Spectrometry

Provides expertise and instrumentation for molecular mass measurements and structural elucidation of small molecules, biomolecules and nanomaterials, as well as workflows and data analysis strategies for targeted and untargeted LC-MS and GC-MS metabolomics studies.

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Magnetic Resonance

A variety of NMRs with pulsed field gradients and a variety of probes for doing nearly any high resolution NMR method and micro-imaging.

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Provides expertise and instrumentation for spectroscopic measurements (transmittance, scattering, absorbance, steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence) in solution and solid forms in the UV-Vis spectral range.

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Imaging & Surface Science

Now part of the ARC Imaging and Surface Science Center.

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X-ray Diffraction and Scattering

Tools for studying surface layers or thin film structures, single crystals, powders, and solids.

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News & Events

CIF Re-Opening Plan

Dear Principal Investigators and Scientists, The Central Instrument Facility has received approval to begin our Phase 1A opening and re-start research service operations on or

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US400 NMR Status

US400 NMR Users: It seems that the US400 NMR equipped with Sample Changer failed Thursday.  Our student staff discovered this outage and reported this morning,

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