Summary ARC-ISS Rates 2022

Instrument usage charges are based on reserved time on iLab instrument calendars.

Rates will be subject to change anytime.

FY25 rates can be found here and will take effect July 1, 2024


 CSU InternalNon-CSU Academic or Non-profitNon-CSU Commercial
ARC Technical Staff Time$40$60$120
ARC Professional Staff Time$80$118.67$240
Advanced Data Analysis$82$123$246
Training$50 (per person, per instrument)Prof. Staff Rate AppliedProf. Staff Rate Applied
ARC administrative fee ($/invoice, invoices sent monthly)N/A$80$80
Electron Microscopy
SEM – Imaging ($/hr)
SEM – EDS or EBSD ($/hr)$73$109.50$219
TEM ($/hr)$88$132$264
Surface Analysis
X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer ($/hr)$54$81$162
Profilometer ($/hr)$10$15$30
Contact Angle Goniometer ($/hr)$10$15$30
Ellipsometer ($/hr)$15$22$45
Imaging Sample Preparation
Coater ($/hr)$20$30$60
Critical Point Dryer ($/use)$42$63$126
Ultramicrotome ($/block)$35$52.50$105
Glass Knifemaker ($/knife)$1.00$1.50$3.00
TEM grids ($/grid)$3.00$4.50$9.00
NANO 2000T Polisher ($/hr)$15$22.50$45
Polycrystalline Diamond Solution ($/10 mL)$2$3$6
PICO 155P Precision Saw ($/hr)$20$30$60