Important announcement:
The BIO, ISS, and MMA iLab seats are merging into one iLab seat for ARC to simplify service requests, equipment scheduling, and billing across multiple ARC centers/labs. This change is anticipated to take effect on September 1. Watch for more information soon.

ARC Toolbox


The ARC at Colorado State University uses the iLab online system to streamline the process of scheduling for instrument time, requesting training and full services, and billing.

CSU users – Please be sure that you have an account associated with your iLab and CSU Lab PI.  This will be required to request services in ARC.

Resources and Guidelines

Using the ARC? Please cite or acknowledge us by our Research Resource ID (RRID: SCR_021758) in publications that include any data generated in or by our facility.

An example of an appropriate acknowledgement is “The authors wish to thank the Analytical Resources Core (RRID: SC_021758) at Colorado State University for instrument access, training and assistance with sample analysis”.

Other lab/equipment specific guidelines:

Single crystal X-ray crystallography publication guidelines

Need to list our facilities and equipment in your upcoming proposal? A full overview can be found here:


Need a letter of support? Please contact the ARC Directors, and allow at least 2 weeks from the time of your request. Please furnish the following information:

  • Title of grant
  • Agency to which you are submitting the grant
  • Your title and mailing address
  • 1-3 sentences on the goals (or specific aims) of your proposal

Need ARC personnel effort and expertise beyond routine services? Please consult with the ARC Directors. To determine if percent effort by core personnel is required, please consider the following:

  • Does the proposal include a specific aim that focuses on ARC expertise?
  • Is method development is required?
  • Are there large numbers of samples to be analyzed?
  • Would the proposal be more favorably reviewed with dedicated support for ARC personnel?
  • Would the project output benefit from or proceed more rapidly with guidance from facility personnel?