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Need to list our facilities and equipment in your upcoming proposal? A full overview can be found here: ARC Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources (Word doc, updated Marc 28, 2024)

InstrumentDescriptionContact (email address)CategoryLocation
GC-MS Agilent 5973N Mass Selective Detector interfaced to a 6890 gas chromatograph which is equipped with a 7683 automatic liquid sampler with EI source.Paul MathewsMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
Thermal Desorption GC-MS Thermo Scientific ISQ QD single quadrupole GCMS with Trace 1310 GC and with automatic liquid sampler. Equipped with MARKES Thermal desorption Unity xr with Ultra xr (100 sorbent tubes) autosampler. Paul MathewsMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
GC-MSMS Thermo Scientific TSQ 8000 Evo Triple Quadrupole GC MS/MS, equipped with Triplus RSH autosampler and EI and CI (methane) sources.Paul MathewsMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
UPLC QTOF Bruker maXis Plus ultra high resolution quadrupole time of flight (QTOF) mass spectrometer with Waters Acquity Hclass UPLC. Equipped with Bruker ESI and APCI sources.Claudia BootMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
MALDI TOF Bruker MALDI TOF Microflex LRF mass spectrometer (with FlexAnalysis/ Biotools/Polytools software) Alyssa WinterMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
MALDI TOF/TOFBruker MALDI TOF/TOF UltrafleXtreme high resolution mass spectrometer (with FlexAnalysis/Polytools/Polymerix software) Alyssa WinterMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
UPLC QTOF Agilent 6545 quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer (TOF-U) interfaced to an Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC with electrospray (ESI) and IonSense Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) ambient ionization source.Claudia BootMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
UPLC MSMSWaters Xevo UPLC MSMS triple quadrupole with Waters Acquity Hclass UPLC, with ESI ionization.Claudia BootMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
UPLC PDA Waters Acquity UPLC with PDA detector.Claudia BootMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
Semi-prep LC PDAWaters 1525 semi-prepartive LC system with PDA detectorClaudia BootMass SpectrometryChemistry C05
NMR 400MHzAgilent (Varian) 400MR. Equipped with Automated Tuning and a 7620 96-slot Sample Changer.Michele MailhotMagnetic ResonanceChemistry C03
NMR 400MHzBruker US400. Equipped with BBFO SMART Probe and SampleCase. Michele MailhotMagnetic ResonanceCHEMR 109
NMR 400MHzBruker NEO400. Equipped with a Prodigy BBFO Cryo-Probe and SampleCase.Michele MailhotMagnetic ResonanceChemistry C03
NMR 400MHzBruker Ascend 400. Equipped with BBFO smart probe. Michele MailhotMagnetic ResonanceCHEMR 109
NMR 500MHzAgilent Inova 500. With three channels, 3-axis gradients and many other accessories including HCN, broadband probes and a NANO (HRMAS) probe.Michele MailhotMagnetic ResonanceChemistry C03E
EPR with cold edge and cryostatBruker ELEXSYS ESR-300 X-band CW EPR spectrometer: Dual-band and high sensitivity probe options are available along with Bruker Cold Edge and cryostat for VT down to 5 K.Indrani BhowmickMagnetic ResonanceChemistry C03
FTIRThermo Nicolet iS-50 FTIR spectrometer with ATR crystals (diamond, ZnSe and germanium) for thin films, powders and liquids. DRIFTS accessory available.Indrani BhowmickOptical SpectroscopyChemistry C03
UV-Vis-NIRAgilent (Cary500) UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer equipped with Variable Angle Specular Reflectance and Praying Mantis Diffuse Reflectance accessories.Indrani BhowmickOptical SpectroscopyChemistry C03
DLSMalvern Zetasizer Nano ZS with dynamic light scattering (DLS) for size measurements, electrophoretic light scattering (ELS) for zeta potential measurements, and microrheology.Indrani BhowmickOptical SpectroscopyChemistry C03
FluorimeterEdinburgh FS5 spectrofluorometer for steady state and time-resolved fluorescence emission measurements. TCSPC – Time Correlated Single Photon Counting for fluorescence lifetime capability. Indrani BhowmickOptical SpectroscopyChemistry C03
PPMSQuantum Design PPMS: 9 Tesla, DC Resistivity, Electrical Transport, Thermal Transport, Heat Capacity, Horizontal Rotator, Multi-Function Prope, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, VT from 1.8 K to 1000 K.Indrani BhowmickMaterials AnalysisChesmitry C3A
MPMS3Quantum Design MPMS3: 7 Tesla supercon with SQUID AC susceptibility, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer for DC field measurements, Electric Transport, Horizontal Rotator, VT from 1.8 K to 1000 K.Indrani BhowmickMaterials AnalysisChemistry C3A
DSCTA 2500 Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC): Measures glass transition, melting points, % crystallinity, heats of fusion, specific heat, kinetics, stability, purity, cure rate.Indrani BhowmickMaterials AnalysisChemistry C3
TGATA Q500 Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA): Measures thermal stability, decomposition kinetics, volatile components of materials, and multi-position sample holder for measurements from ambient up to 900ºC.Indrani BhowmickMaterials AnalysisChemistry C3
Powder XRDBruker D8 Discover DaVinci for X-ray diffraction analysis of powders. CuKα radiation, LYNXEYE-XE-T energy discriminating detector, Nine position sample changer with Phi rotation, and Electrochemical cell for in situ experiments.Indrani BhowmickX-ray diffraction and scatteringChemistry C4
Thin Film XRDBruker D8 Discover Series II: Parabolic Göbel mirror and ¼-circle Eulerian cradle. Measurement types include: X-ray Reflectivity (XRR), Glancing Angle X-ray Diffraction (GAXRD), Residual Stress and Texture Analysis of thin filmsIndrani BhowmickX-ray diffraction and scatteringChemistry C4
Powder XRD with VTBruker D8 Discover Series II: LYNXEYE Energy Discriminating Detector, >HTK-1200N temperature stage w/ capillary extensionIndrani BhowmickX-ray diffraction and scatteringChemistry B115
Single crystal XRDBruker Kappa APEXII: CuKα radiationIndrani BhowmickX-ray diffraction and scatteringChemistry B115
Single crystal XRDBruker D8 Advance QUEST: Located in CHEMR, MoKα radiation, Features a Photon 50™ CMOS detectorIndrani BhowmickX-ray diffraction and scatteringCHEMR 204L
SAXSRigaku Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS)/Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Cu rotating anode, 2D multi-wire detectorAlyssa WinterX-ray diffraction and scatteringChemistry B115
UPLC QTOFWaters UPLC - Xevo G2-XS Q-TOF.Corey BroecklingMetabolomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C110
UPLC IMS QTOFWaters UPLC - Synapt G2-Si Ion Mobility enabled Q-TOFCorey BroecklingMetabolomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C111
GC QTOFAgilent GC coupled to Xevo G2 QTOF via APGC ionization sourceCorey BroecklingMetabolomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C110
GC-MSThermo Trace 1310 GC coupled with ISQ single quadruple MS with liquid autosamplerLinxing YaoMetabolomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C111
GC-MSThermo Trace 1310 GC couple with ISQ single quadruple MS with headspace autosampler and olfactory detectorLinxing YaoMetabolomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C111
UPLC MSMSWaters Xevo G2 TQS triple quadrupole MS coupled with UPLC or nanoUPLCLinxing YaoMetabolomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C112
ICP-MS Microwave DigestionPerkinElmer Titan MPS 16 position microwave sample preparation system. Jackie ChaparroIonomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C112
ICP-MSNexION 350D mass spectrometer (PerkinElmer,) with prepFAST SC-2 (Elemental Scientific) autosamplerJackie ChaparroIonomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C112
nanoUPLC OrbitrapThermo Scientific Orbitrap Eclipse with FAIMS and Vanquish II UHPLCGustavo DiazProteomics; Mass SpectrometryMicro C112
SEMJEOL JSM-6500F field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) with EDAX an Oxford SDD EDS detector and EDAX EBSD cameras, a Nabity e-beam Lithography and JEOL STEM-in-SEM holder.Rebecca MillerElectron microscopyYates 101
TEMJEOL JEM-2100F transmission electron microscope (TEM) with UHR pole piece, with STEM capability and Gatan CCD camera equipped with an Oxford SDD EDS detector.Roy GeissElectron microscopyYates 101
TEMJEOL JEM-1400 transmission electron microscope (TEM) equipped with several different specimen holders, an Orius fastscan digital camera, and a Gatan Ultrascan high-resolution digital camera.Roy GeissElectron microscopyAZ W013
XPS (ESCA)PHI Physical Electronics PE-5800 X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer, or Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) with Scanning Auger Microscopy, sputter depth profiling and Ultraviolet photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS).Rebecca MillerSurface AnalysisChemistry C4
ProfilometerBruker DektakXT Contact ProfilometerRebecca MillerSurface AnalysisYates 101
EllipsometerWoolam VASE or Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, with 250-1700nm spectral range- used to measure the thickness, refractive index and other optical properties of thin films and multi-layer films.Rebecca MillerSurface AnalysisChemistry C3
Contact Angle GoniometerKruss DSA10 Drop Shape Analyzer Contact Angle Goniometer (CAG)Rebecca MillerSurface AnalysisChemistry C3
Gold Sputter CoaterDenton Vacuum Desk II Gold Sputter Coater Rebecca MillerSample preparationYates 101
Carbon CoaterCarbon CoaterRebecca MillerSample preparationYates 101
Precision CutterPace Technologies PICO 155P Precision Cutter. Variable speed precision wafering saw for sectioning materials with extreme accuracy. Rebecca MillerSample preparationYates 101
Grinder PolisherPace Technologies NANO 2000T Grinder-Polisher. Variable speed double wheel grinder-polisher with 8-10 in. wheels for different combinations of materials and polishing compounds.Rebecca MillerSample preparationYates 101
Vibratory PolisherPace Technologies Giga-0900 Vibratory Polisher. With adjustable vibration frequency and voltage, the speed of polishing action can be controlled.Rebecca MillerSample preparationYates 101
Plasma CleanerTurbo pumped plasma cleaner specifically for electron microscope sample holders and some selective samples. Oxygen and Argon gases are available. Roy GeissSample preparationYates 101
Glass knife breakerLKB Glass Knife Breaker, Type 7801B. Makes glass knives for sectioning on the ultramicrotome.Bradley GuilliamsSample preparationAZ W013
UltramicrotomeReichert Ultracut E Ultramicrotome. Used to produce ultrathin and semithin sections of embedded materials for TEM and light microscopic examination.Bradley GuilliamsSample preparationAZ W013