Magnetic Resonance

ARC MMA Magnetic Resonance laboratory includes a variety of liquids 400 MHz NMR systems equipped with pulse field gradients, VT, and a variety of probes. The laboratory is also equipped with an EPR spectrometer.

The Facility offers a wide range of NMR experiments.  There are four 400 MHz NMR systems with a varied range of capabilities.  Three of the 400 MHz NMR systems are setup as walkup systems with the standard liquid experiments available with sample automation.  These walkup systems are setup for ease of use for any user to be able to collect world class NMR data with a few clicks of a button.

Another of the 400 MHz systems is equipped with a prodigy cold probe.  The Broadband (BBO) prodigy cold probe allows for time-consuming heteronuclear 1D and 2D experiments to be performed up to ten times faster than a broadband RT probe. Also, proton and fluorine detected experiments will benefit from a doubling in signal to noise.   With this increase in signal to noise, compounds with limited solubility can be analyzed in a faster time frame.  

We have a Bruker X-band ELEXSYS ESR-500 continuous wave Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (CW-EPR) spectrometer that can be used to detect unpaired electrons in organic and inorganic species, transition metal complexes, and biomolecules. It is a non-destructive method that can measure a variety of samples like liquid or frozen solutions, powders, crystals, mixtures, gels, and many more. The sample can be measured at room temperature or low temperature using liquid helium.

  • Agilent (Varian) 400MR: 400 MHz NMR for liquid samples, equipped with Automated Tuning and a 7600 Sample Changer. This instrument is located in Chemistry C3.
  • Bruker US400: 400 MHz NMR for liquid samples, equipped with BBFO SMART ProbeTM and 24 sample SampleCaseTM. This instrument is located in Chemistry Research 109.
  • Bruker NEO400:  400 MHz NMR for liquid samples, equipped with a ProdigyTM BBFO Probe and 24 sample SampleCaseTM. Located in Chemistry C3.
  • Bruker Ascend 400: 400 MHz NMR for liquid samples, equipped with BBFO smart probe, and extended range VT. This instrument is located in Chemistry Research 109.
  • Bruker ELEXSYS ESR-500 X-band CW EPR spectrometer: Dual-band and high sensitivity probe options are available along with Bruker Cold Edge and cryostat for VT down to 4 K.

For Training on self-service instruments:

  • Request to join the ARC User Team by clicking here
  • Please read our ARC user guidelines and take the necessary quizzes.
  • Then follow the training and user instructions on the NMR Training.

Training has a minimum charge of one hour of instrument and staff time.

Rates can be found here

Please use the iLab Portal to request a formal quote for equipment use or services.

Scientific Staff:

Dr. Michele Mailhot: NMR training, services, consulting and course support

Dr. Indrani Bhowmick: EPR training, services and course support