Magnetic Resonance

CIF Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation includes a variety of NMRs from 300 to 600 MHz equipped with pulsed field gradients, VT, and a variety of probes for doing nearly any high resolution NMR method and micro-imaging (at 500 and 600 MHz). The laboratory is also equipped with an EPR/ESR spectrometer.

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  • Agilent (Varian) 400MR: Equipped with Automated Tuning and a 7600 Sample Changer.
  • Bruker US400: Equipped with BBFO SMART ProbeTM and SampleCaseTM. This instrument is located in CRB-109.
  • Bruker NEO400: Equipped with a ProdigyTM BBFO Probe and SampleCaseTM.
  • Bruker Ascend 400: Equipped with BBFO smart probe, sample case, and extended range VT. This instrument is located in CRB-109.
  • Agilent Inova 500: With three channels, 3-axis gradients and many other accessories including HCN, broadband probes and a NANO (hrmas) probe.
  • Agilent Inova 600: With four channels, 2H decoupling, 3-axis gradients and many other accessories including HCN and a flow-probe.
  • Bruker ESR-300 spectrometer: With various cavities for spin counting and very high temperature studies. Click here for a current SOP.

Please use the iLab Portal to request training, schedule time on instruments, and view pricing.

NOTE: There is a minimum charge per project. Collaborative efforts are encouraged.

The rates are for CSU Affiliates and are subject to revision.

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Scientific Staff:

Dr. Claudia Boot: NMR services, training and course support

Alyssa Winter May: NMR services and training

Dr. Daniel Bates: EPR services and training