Materials Analysis

The Materials Analysis Laboratory has tools for measuring the magnetic and thermal properties of materials.  These instruments include a PPMS, MPMS with SQUID, a DSC with sub-ambient accessory, and TGA. The lab also has two older, mothballed tools including a Balser MS for analyzing gas streams from the TGA and a DEA for measuring electronic parameters associated with thin film materials.

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Thermal Analysis

  • TA TGA Q500 Thermogravimetric Analyzer: Measures thermal stability, decomposition kinetics and volatile components of materials.
  • TA Modulated DSC 2500 with sub-ambient accessory: Measured properties include glass transition, melting points, % crystallinity, heats of fusion, specific heat, kinetics, stability, purity and cure rate.

Magnetic Properties Measurement System

  • Quantum Design MPMSXL: 5T supercon with SQUID AC susceptibility, Reciprocating Sample Option (RSO) for DC field measurements, VT from 1.8 K to 400 K. Click here for a current SOP.

Physical Properties Measurement System

  • Quantum Design PPMS: 9T, DC Resistivity, Electrical Transport, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Thermal Transport, Heat Capacity, Horizontal Rotator, Multi-Function Probe, VT from 1.8 K to 1000 K. Click here for a current SOP.

Please use the iLab Portal to request training and schedule time on instruments.

NOTE: There is a minimum charge per project. Collaborative efforts are encouraged. Contact the Materials Analysis team for more information.


Quantum Design – Technical Support


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Scientific Staff:

Dr. Daniel Bates: Materials analysis services and training

Dr. Brian Newell: Materials analysis course support