User Training

ARC is a research-enabling and educational analytical CORE that offers users unique and valuable exposure to instrumental theory and operation through personalized training, self-operation of instruments, method development assistance and specialized training workshops.

The ARC trains more than 40 students and external users per month on a variety of instruments and methods. Access to training and experienced staff offers CSU undergraduate and graduate students high-quality research training and hands-on experience on state-of-the-art analytical tool used in the chemical, materials and life sciences.

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User training

REU Program

ARC plays a central role in the Department of Chemistry’s ongoing REU program dedicated to training students in Chemistry Applied to Real World Problems, providing summer participants (51% women and 18% from underrepresented groups from 2015 – 2019) with extensive training and self-use of many of its self-service instruments. Being able to provide these REU participants an opportunity to interface with world-class, state-of-the-art instrumentation has always been a major factor in both attracting participants and ultimately cementing their return to CSU for graduate study. We have found this to be particularly true for those that identify from smaller, non-research-based, often minority serving institutions, for which access to such instrumentation is not typically possible for undergraduate students.

Educational Videos

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