Stockroom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ARC-BIO is able to offer the campus community a wide variety of research products from a number of vendors through the Enzyme Freezer Program. Items may be picked up at C115 Microbiology during regular office hours. Because we are able to bill CSU accounts directly, there is no need for IMOs or A-cards during purchasing. We maintain a stock of commonly used enzymes and molecular biology reagent kits. Non-stock items can be ordered as well. Please note that prices and stock availability are subject to change.

In addition, we have successfully negotiated preferred client discounts, haz-mat fee waivers, and free shipping for many special order items available from our vendors. These arrangements can often make placing orders through us less expensive that buying directly from the vendors. However, please note that due to variations in vendor agreements, the final pricing of special orders over $350.00 from the Enzyme Freezer may exceed catalog pricing. Please inquire about pricing prior to placing your order from Roche or Qiagen.

When placing an order in the KFS system, you will pay list price from most vendors, plus shipping and handling costs.  Some vendors also charge a transportation fee.  Orders are sent through the system and faxed to the vendor by the purchasing department at CSU.  Shipping costs are added on the back end and not always available at the time an order is placed.  The stockroom will always provide free shipping and handling as well as a discount off list price from most vendors.  Orders are placed, processed and billed by the stockroom saving time and money on behalf of the researcher.

Visit the stockroom in room C115 Microbiology for purchase of stocked items.  Bring the name of your PI/Faculty member and your 7 digit CSU grant number.  A copy of your invoice will be sent to your departmental accounting technician the following day.  You have 10 days to view/change the invoice before it is uploaded to the CSU system and billed to your account.

The stockroom places special orders for non-stocked items every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  Have your special order turned in by 11:00 am.  Most special order items receive a discount as well as free shipping and handling.  Special orders can be placed with any of the freezer vendors represented in the stockroom.

Special orders may be placed in person at C115 Microbiology by filling out a special order form.  Or you may e-mail your order to [email protected].  You may also call your order to (970) 491-3459.  Please copy and paste the special ordering template located on the ARC-BIO website under the freezer tab.


Special Orders can be placed via e-mail to  [email protected].

**Please copy and paste the bulleted list below into the text of your e-mail and fill in the required fields.

All special orders are placed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Special orders must be received by 11:00 on ordering day. Most shipments will deliver overnight; all other shipments are 3-5 business days.

All Special Orders should include the following information:

  • PI name
  • Account/Grant #
  • Name of person placing the order
  • Email address
  • Vendor
  • Catalog number
  • Item Description
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Cost (if available)

Contact Chrissy Battaglia at (970) 491-3459 for more information.

If there is an item that you will be ordering consistently over a period of time, and this item is not currently stocked in the program, you may request that the item be added to the stockroom.  Stockroom staff will work with the vendor representative to get the item added, the number of items to stock, as well as pricing and let the customer know when the item is available for immediate purchase.

Most freezer vendors ship their orders overnight.  We do have a few vendors who ship two day and/or 3-5 business days.  Please inquire with regards to the shipping time of your specific vendor.

Contact your departmental accounting technician to add a new fund/grant number to the ARC-BIO invoicing system.  This can be done with an e-mail from the account tech to  [email protected].