Ionomics Pricing

CSU researchers should provide a fund number to be used for charges. Orders will be processed following receipt of a CSU Fund number or Non-CSU purchase order number.

Payment from Non-CSU researchers can be made by check, ACH, wire transfer, or credit card. If paying by credit card please include “CC payment” with your order. Please note that credit card payment may incur additional charges.

We are always willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you like. If you anticipate requesting CSU signature on legal or intellectual property documents beyond an NDA, please let us know, as this can impact pricing structure.

Work on a project will not begin until samples are received and approval of the estimated charges has been made in iLab. If expiration of a fund is imminent, pre-payment can be made only after all project samples have been received.

Pricing as of September 01, 2022. Prices are subject to change at any time.

FY25 rates can be found here and will take effect July 1, 2024

 CSUNon-CSU Academic or Non-profitNon-CSU Commercial
Data analysis (hr)$90$147$245
ICP – MS (hr)$95$147$245
Personnel Time* (hr)$77$118$197

** Personnel Time includes sample preparation, training, instrument operation, etc. 

Please note that costs are independent of result, and fees must still be charged for unsuccessful analysis in order to cover analysis time, instrument maintenance and consumables.