Experimental Pathology Facility

The goal of the Experimental Pathology Facility (EPF) is to provide expertise in anatomic and clinical pathology – in the form of service, teaching, and consultation – for researchers studying veterinary diseases and animal models of human disease, both within Colorado State University and at outside institutions.

The Experimental Pathology Facility is a Colorado State University core laboratory facility that operates through state-of-the-art histology and bioanalytical laboratories located within Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories and Diagnostic Medicine Center.

The Experimental Pathology Core Facility has three primary objectives:


to provide specialized pathology consultation and collaboration for researchers performing basic science research and preclinical studies, both within and outside of Colorado State University


to provide expert histological processing of research samples, interpretation of disease morphology, and quantitative methods for determining disease severity, pathogenesis and treatment efficacy


to provide expert laboratory services and interpretation for hematology, clinical chemistry, and cytology

*DISCLOSURE* – The laboratories within the EPF that handle research samples do not operate under GLP conditions or regulations.