Data Science has emerged from the world-wide and on-going collection of massive data sets and attempts to discover knowledge from them. There is a strong national need to develop new theory and tools to solve current and emerging research challenges related to complex data sets.

As characterized by the National Academy of Sciences Data Science is distinguished from related disciplines in that …data science spans a broader array of activities that involve applying principles for data collection, storage, integration, analysis, inference, communication, and ethics. Indeed, Data Science applies principles from a wide range of disciplines including:

  • principled data collection by a domain expert
  • storage, data sharing and archiving
  • integration algorithms developed in mathematics, statistics and computing
  • collaborative quantitative analysis
  • statistical inference and predictive modeling
  • communications and ethics
  • solution to a human centered challenge

Challenges: as a combination of these ingredients the field of Data Science ceases to be a traditional discipline.


To aid society through the discovery of knowledge from data.


To support and enhance the Data Science research environment and facilitate faculty collaborations that stimulate the development of new analytical tools and applications.


To harness multidisciplinary expertise across campus, build research teams, and cultivate the discipline of data discovery.

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