Research Acceleration Office

Aids investigators and investigative teams from across the university in discovering and applying for both internal and external funding opportunities. With an emphasis on career growth, interdisciplinary team development, and the development of globally impactful research projects, the RAO seeks to aid investigators not just during the proposal process, but for the duration of their career at CSU.

A fundamental goal of the Office of the Vice President for Research is to enhance the research climate at CSU.

We enable the development of new, groundbreaking research within our campus community by facilitating the creation of new research teams that focus on multi / inter / transdisciplinary partnerships.

What we do.

To advance the research opportunities for these groups, the RAO works to align researchers with strategic, significant funding opportunities that will allow the teams to pursue their research goals more effectively than ever before.

This process contributes to the Office of the Vice President for Research’s final mission: to increase CSU’s overall research success and standing, ensuring that Colorado State is on the cutting edge of university-sponsored research.

This aim is achieved through diverse means, including hosting CSU research community events, centralizing and disseminating information regarding the research process and resources available, and outreach programs geared to early career investigators.
The growing international emphasis on dynamic, interdisciplinary team research has been answered at CSU by RAO’s focus on research team development.
RAO helps investigators and research teams on their development of complex proposals, including pre-proposal report (opportunity searches, team building events, and more), support during proposal writing (including coordination of external support and fiscal support, editing, drafting, and review), and post-award (coordination of post-award project management).
The organization of the interior, limited-submission process is controlled by the RAO, who coordinate an opportunities database, coordinate LSP reviews, and deliver program info sessions and red teaming for targeted/strategic opportunities.