“Broader Impacts should be viewed as an opportunity for us to apply the creativity that we exercise with intellectual merit to identifying and articulating how the results of our research have the potential to benefit society and to contribute to the achievement of a growing list of desired societal outcomes. Broader Impacts exhorts us to go beyond our traditional notions. . .to actively promoting the contributions of our scientific knowledge to policy, our economy, our culture, and pressing societal needs.”

– Robert Frodeman, et al.

Broader Impacts

Broader Impacts is one of two review criteria that all NSF proposals are evaluated against. The Broader Impacts criterion encompasses the potential to benefit society and contribute to the achievements of specific, desired societal outcomes.

Some Broader Impacts considerations include . . .

  • Promote teaching, training, and/or learning
  • Enhance infrastructure for research and education
  • Broaden participation of underrepresented groups
  • Broad dissemination and results

These efforts towards Broader Impacts must be clearly articulated and labeled in NSF CAREER proposals. Check here for Broader Impacts Review Criteria.

Check here for more information on the NSF Broader Impacts initiative.

Contact Meghan Suter (Meghan.Suter@colostate.edu) for more information.

RAO facilitates partnerships with internal and external partners with insights into Broader Impact partnerships:

Peter Nelson Alliance Partnership; Past NSF CAREER recipient Peter.Nelson@colostate.edu
Andrew Warnock CNS Education & Outreach Center Andrew.Warnock@colostate.edu
Adam Pearlman Little Shop of Physics physicsadam@gmail.com
Julie Maertens CSU STEM Center jamaertens@gmail.com
Karen Falkenberg TILT Karen.Falkenberg@colostate.edu
Bridgette Johnson CSU MURALS; B/AACC Bridgette.Johnson@colostate.edu
Aaron Benally Diversity Programs in Engineering; COE Outreach Aaron.Benally@colostate.edu
Anne Cleary Former NSF PO Anne.Cleary@colostate.edu
Brian Jones Little Shop of Physics physicsjones@gmail.com
Ernie Chavez CSU STEM Center Ernest.Chavez@colostate.edu
Gilbert John Former NSF PO Gilbert.John@colostate.edu
Kate Huyvaert & Kim Kita Todos Santos/Study Abroad Kate.Huyvaert@colostate.edu; Kim.Kita@colostate.edu
Oscar Felix Associate VP for Diversity Oscar.Felix@colostate.edu
Tammi Vacha-Haase Graduate Center for Diversity & Access Tammi.Vacha-Haase@colostate.edu
Becki Atadero Exploring Inclusive Engineering Identities through Curriculum Change Rebecca.Atadero@colostate.edu
Troy Holland Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Troy.Holland@colostate.edu
Melissa Burt ESMEI REU Melissa.Burt@colostate.edu
Jamie Neilson Chemistry REU Jamie.Neilson@colostate.edu
Melissa Burt Teen Science Cafe Melissa.Burt@colostate.edu

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