School of Advanced Materials Discovery Core Center

The SAMDCore enables research and development programs by providing expertise and access to state-of-the-art equipment for synthesis, processing and testing of materials.

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We support and enable CSU materials research and education by offering a range of materials synthesis, processing, and testing equipment, combined with individualized training and staff expertise.


SAMDCore is excited to have a new synthesis center coming online in 2022. This facility will provide access to pre-pilot scale synthetic glassware and equipment for scaling chemistry beyond the bench top.

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Tools and instrumentation for processing and fabricating devices from various materials, including forming, cutting, polishing, milling, coating, molding, extruding, and environmental conditioning.

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Equipment and expertise to evaluate and characterize material composition, properties, and behavior, including molecular size and dispersity, permeability, and tensile, compressive, and rheological properties.

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