Microbiome Network

Mission Statement:
To support and engage a CSU-wide group of scholars interested in understanding the functional and structural basis of microbiomes, and their ecological relevance and applications to human, animal, plant and soil biology, and environmental systems.

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Microbiome Seminar Series

“Fermenting an agricultural waste with a probiotic: A mouse gut-centered journey”, and “The koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) microbiome.”
February 20, 2019
Room A101,  Microbiology building

Front Range Microbiome Symposium

Keynote speakers: UC Berkeley’s Jill Banfield and the Atlantic writer Ed Yong.
April 18-19, 2019
Canvas Stadium

Microbiome Seminar Series

Dr. Joy Scaria,Assistant Professor from South Dakota State University, discusses Gut Microbial succession during conventionalization of germfree chicken.
May 1, 2019
Room A101,  Microbiology building

essica Metcalf working at the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA to recover microbial DNA from viking latrine material

Microbe scientist Jessica Metcalf receives early-career award

The associate professor in the Department of Animal Sciences is fascinated by our relationship with the trillions of invisible, living organisms inhabiting our bodies, and most notably, our guts. And she wants to know how evolutionary forces, like rural-to-urban lifestyle changes and the….


Uncovering microbial interactions with a network of scientists

The project began before I officially joined Dr. Kelly Wrighton’s lab during my rotation project. Dr. Barbara Wolfe, a veterinarian at the Columbus Zoo and faculty member at Ohio State University, approached Kelly about a moose calf that was dying from gastrointestinal stress with diarrhea…

Jan Leach Research

Understanding plant-microbiome interactions could improve plant health and yield

A coordinated effort to understand plant microbiomes could boost plant health and agricultural productivity, according to a Perspective published in the open access journal PLOS Biology by…