Virtual Reality

CIS Lab at CSU

Extended Reality Center for Immersive Scholarship

The Extended Reality Center for Immersive Scholarship is an XR focused space located in Johnson Hall room 120 where those interested in XR can come to learn, experiment, and play with XR. The CIS Lab’s goal is to be a leader in the realm of XR by focusing on four essential pillars: Research, Immersive Learning, Partnerships, and being an XR Demonstrator.

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VR Goggles as seen from the user's perspective as the user is putting them on.

CSU VR Challenge

During the 2023 VR Student Challenge on October 20-22 at Colorado State University, teams of software developers, programmers, artists and innovators will engage in collaborative development of mixed reality experiences.

Top 10 things worth knowing about CSU’s virtual & augmented reality lab​

At the XR-CIS Lab, individuals interested in XR can delve into learning, experimentation, and playful exploration of XR technologies. The lab’s mission revolves around four pillars: Research, immersive learning, partnerships, and serving as an XR demonstrator, aiming to lead the way in the exciting realm of XR advancements. Click here to learn about the top 10 things worth knowing about the lab!