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ERHS Interactive Experience

An educational application developed by the OVPR in collaboration with the ERHS department to supplement student learning. A variety of topics and processes are covered in the virtual content.

Character with Mask

Biomedical Sciences, Clapp Lab

The Clapp lab is focused on investigating virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, and tablet-based applications as a means to explore anatomy education and medical data. We’ve developed software used for the creation of instructional and clinical content. It has the potential to significantly improve educational outcomes as it provides users with easy access to explore 3D relationships. We have also found the software has application across multiple disciplines such as material science, engineering, biochemistry, and biomedical research. The use and impact of these technologies is studied in academic, clinical, and professional environments.


The Virtual Reality for Veterinary Training application provides
hands-on veterinary training tools for students, veterinarians, and technicians to develop their skills in veterinary medicine in an immersive computerized veterinary environment without the needs of relevant equipment and animals.


2021 Virtual BFA Exhibition

The Department of Art and Art History is pleased to present the 2021 Annual BFA Exhibition featuring new works throughout the virtual Hatton Gallery created by recent graduates who have earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University.

Virtual Reality and Street Walkability

Virtual reality research using a model of Old Town Fort Collins to examine how changes in the environment affect walking behaviour.

person walking with headset