Safety and Compliance

Colorado State University is dedicated to the highest standards of research integrity and compliance. On this page you will find links to key research compliance topics as well as other important resources.

The Biosafety Office works with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and the CSU research community to develop and implement appropriate biosafety practices.

Lab Animal Resources oversees the care and management of animals used in research and teaching. We collaborate with investigators to meet their research needs by providing a full-spectrum of animal care and related services.

The Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office (RICRO) provides assistance to researchers, staff, and the faculty oversight committees in maintaining an ethical environment for activities in research and teaching.

By providing formal training we can provide a productive research environment for trainees during their tenure here, and prepare them to be responsible researchers and citizens when they move out into the workforce.

Navigating federal regulations related to export controls, controlled unclassified information, classified research and common access cards.