Quality Assurance

The Mission of the CSU Quality Program:

Is to support and ensure quality and integrity in science, and in particular to meet established quality standards in research and manufacturing activities that are regulated by federal law or otherwise well established in order to provide reliable, high quality research data or products for the federal agencies, CSU Sponsors and the public.

It is the responsibility of the CSU Quality Program:

  • To assist researchers in meeting or exceeding quality system requirements when required by regulatory standards;
  • To assess compliance with quality system laws, regulations, contractual requirements, institutional policies and procedures;
  • To provide Quality Assurance services to University programs needing assistance in designing, developing or reporting quality system requirements at whatever level is appropriate; and
  • To partner with research and education programs and faculty to develop a culture and understanding of quality in science.

Purpose of Quality Assurance

  • Ensure that CSU activities comply with institutional policies and procedures;
  • Ensure adherence to laws, regulations and contractual requirements;
  • Ensure accuracy of key information in research and manufacturing enterprises,
  • Collaborate and act as a partner with other compliance and quality functions university-wide; and
  • Monitor, track and trend compliance related issues.