Secure and Global Research

Navigating federal regulations related to export controls, controlled unclassified information, classified research and common access cards. SGR works closely with partners across campus in the Office of International Programs, CEMML, Central Receiving, Procurement, Property Management, Academic Computing and Network Services, HR, Admissions, Office of Sponsored Programs, academic departments, and more.

Office Responsibilities

Secure and Global Research is responsible for procuring federal export licenses, writing and implementing Technology Control Plans around sensitive technologies and/or items, reviewing export-related clauses in contracts and grants, supporting international scholars’ visa applications, advising CSU faculty and staff about international travel, screening international shipments, maintaining classified research capabilities, facilitating CSU personnel access to military bases, and more.
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Zika Virus Research Lab

Export Control

The U.S. Government controls exports of sensitive equipment, software and technology to promote national security interests and foreign policy objectives. This includes controlling the sharing of information internationally, or within the U.S., with certain end-users.

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Controlled Unclassified Information

This is a broad new categorization of information that must be protected (NIST SP 800.171, effective December 31, 2017) when being accessed, processed or transmitted from non-federal systems. The requirements for control are specific and are being included in contracts between federal agencies and nonfederal organizations, like universities.

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Common Access Cards

Common Access Cards, or CACs, are standard identification cards used for military, DoD civilian employees, and contractors. They are used for base access, specific controlled area access and federal computer system access. A portion of our CSU employees who work on military lands around the world use our services to procure the appropriate access cards for their work.

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Classified Research

CSU maintains research capabilities and personnel management services for faculty and staff involved in classified research.

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