Researcher adjusts a laser for fluorescence immunoassay

About Secure and Global Research

Since restricted research, controlled technology and international collaboration regulations impact such a broad portion of CSU activities, it is important that our partners across campus are equipped with the background and knowledge to identify situations that require support from our office.  We are constantly trying to provide training and resources that are up to date with current requirements, and are happy to sit down with you to discuss how we can help you navigate federal regulations. 

Check out some of the options below.  Always feel free to reach out to us directly with questions!


CITI Program Export Control Training

This online training includes an introduction to export compliance as well as information focused on export compliance as it relates to biosafety, operational departments, international shipping, purchasing, international and foreign waters, collaborations, and U.S. sanctions programs, distance education, and technology.

It is intended for investigators, members of the research team, key personnel across operational departments, and others who work with or may be responsible for federally controlled devices, materials, or technologies.

This training option is provided to you free of charge through CSU.  This is not linked to your CSU eID and password.  The program requires you to create your own account and then affiliate it with Colorado State University before accessing the training.

Not sure that you want to create an account and take the training?  Check out some details about included content here, first.

In-Person Training

Our office would be happy to set up a specialized training for you, your lab or your department.  Let us know what you have in mind!

Not sure you want to set up your own in-person training?  Check out our calendar to see if we already have something coming up on campus.

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