Miscellaneous Templates

Revised Human Subjects Regulations (Common Rule) Wednesday, June 20th 2018

The regulations that human subjects researchers must adhere to (referred to as the Common Rule Regulations) were established in 1991. In 2011, federal agencies began the long-awaited process to revise these regulations and, on January 18, 2017, the final revisions to the Common Rule (Final Rule) were posted in the federal register. The effective and implementation dates have recently changed. As posted in the federal register on June 18, 2018, the revised final Common Rule is both effective and to be implemented on January 21, 2019 with the option of implementing 3 burden-reducing provisions before January 21, 2019. Learn more about the regulations.

Template / WorksheetDescription/Use
Sample Letter of CooperationWhen sites are included in the study that are assisting in the research (e.g., providing mailing lists/names & addresses/handing out recruitment flyers to selected clients), documentation that this location understands the project and agrees to assist the Investigator must be received from each site. The IRB will accept an email from the research site or a scan of a signed letter.
Sample Email of CooperationThe IRB will also accept an email of Cooperation. The file should include the body of the email and: To/From/Subject/Date/Time stamp. This email file should be uploaded into the attachments section of eProtocol (under “Letters of Cooperation/Agreement”).
Sample email of Cooperation to Recruit within a ClassroomIf on-campus students will be recruited from a classroom or lab, a letter or e-mail should be received from the department head or the faculty member for the course(s) in which the students are enrolled. This letter or e-mail file should be uploaded into the attachments section of eProtocol under “Letters of Cooperation/Agreement.”
Sample Photo/Video ReleaseIf you will be taking still photographs or videos for CSU-related research projects (where the individual is visibly recognizable in the photograph) that you may wish to publish in your thesis, dissertation, or share in a presentation or publication, you must obtain consent from the participant to share the photo or video for research purposes. Approval can be obtained from the participant with the signed consent form (see the layered consent template) or with the use of this photo-release document.