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Contact us with questions or concerns about human research issues, or for assistance or advice in preparing approval request forms:

CSU IRB Help Desk: || 970-491-1553

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If you have complaints about a research study, please email us at and someone will reach out to you promptly.

For ethics complaints and the Ethics Line reporting, please refer to CSU Responsible Conduct of Research.


Kathy Kioussopoulos, RN MBA
Human Research Protections Program Director (Interim) (970) 491-3786

Biomedical Research Panel

Jennifer Morris, B.A., CIP, CCRP
Senior IRB Coordinator
(970) 491-0207 

Allegra Vazquez, M.S.
Assistant IRB Coordinator
(970) 491-4695 

Social Behavioral and Education Research Panel

Cami Lind, CIP
Senior Coordinator

Laura Noll, MS, ILAM, LAT