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Proposal Review & Submission

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Proposal Review & Approval- Getting it Checked OutPrincipal InvestigatorUnit/DepartmentCollegeOSPResearch AccelerationOther Resources
Review proposal package, including cost-share requirements, before OSP review is requestedAssistancePrimaryAssistance
Provide institutional review and approval of proposal and budgetAssistanceAssistancePrimary
Review proposed cost sharing commitment for compliance with University policy and sponsor terms AssistancePrimary
Review subrecipient's materials and check for their institutional approval(s)PrimaryAssistanceAssistance
Make revisions and corrections to proposal/budget after institutional reviewPrimaryAssistance
Identify export control, international travel, classified information issues, if anyPrimaryAssistanceSecure & Global Research (SGR)
Identify IRB- Human Subjects, IACUC-Animal Subjects, and/or IBC-Biosafety approvals needed, if anyPrimaryAssistanceRICRO
Identify and report financial conflict of interest (fCOI), if any as requiredPrimaryRICRO
Confirm all elements of proposal are final and ready for submissionPrimaryAssistance
Route KR PD record for applicable institutional approvalsPrimaryAssistance
Certify KR PD recordPrimary
Proposal Submissions- Getting it Out the DoorPrincipal InvestigatorUnit/DepartmentCollegeOSPResearch AccelerationOther Resources
Submission required by authorized organizational representative (AOR)Primary
Submission to sponsor after OSP review and approval, if AOR submission not required or allowedPrimary*Assistance**Depends on portal requirements or sponsor guidance
Ensure KR PD record is complete and approvedAssistanceAssistancePrimary
Post-submission Follow Up- Ensuring All is in OrderPrincipal InvestigatorUnit/DepartmentCollegeOSPResearch AccelerationOther Resources
Approve/set up pre-award spending accountAssistance*Primary*Department/unit approvals needed
Prepare additional sponsor required forms (e.g., JIT- Just in Time)PrimaryAssistance
Submit additional sponsor-required forms (e.g., JIT - Just in Time)Assistance Assistance Primary
Prepare/submit revised budgets as requested by sponsorAssistanceAssistancePrimary
Request pre-award spending (Advanced Start) accountPrimaryAssistance