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Project Closeout

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Project Closeout - Ending it WellPrincipal InvestigatorUnit/DepartmentCollegeOSPOther Resources
Identify awards ready for closeoutPrimaryAssistanceAssistance
Review autogenerated closeout notices 90 days before project end datePrimaryAssistance
Ensure expenditures/cost transfers have been posted to correct accounts in a timely manner (all cost transfers approved by OSP)Primary
Ensure encumbrances (including subrecipient) have been reviewed/closedPrimary
Reconcile account to ensure Cost Sharing commitments have been fulfilledPrimaryAssistance
Review system financial reports for allowable/budgeted expenses and resolve issuesAssistancePrimaryAssistance
Confirm completion of subrecipients's work and approval of final invoicePrimary
Ensure receipt of subrecipient's final invoice & closeout of Subaward prior to closeout of Prime awardPrimary
Transmit subrecipient closeout documents (to PI and then Agency's Certification)Primary
Ensure final property inventory is complete and accuratePrimaryProperty Management Office
Identify any inventions and make disclosure to CSU Ventures/Technology Transfer OfficePrimaryAssistanceSTRATA
Ensure all inventions/patents have been identified, included on forms, and forms signed/sent to OSPPrimaryAssistance
Ensure that all required award technical reports have been submitted to sponsor and a copy has been provided to OSPPrimaryAssistance
Verify final financials, final invoice, and payments receivedPrimary
Ensure that all Financial Reports have been submitted to sponsor and available for auditPrimaryAll financial reports should be provided by OSP
Maintain official financial documents for sponsored projects per Records Retention requirementsAllAllAllAll