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Proposal & Budget Development

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Preparing to Submit a Proposal- Getting StartedPrincipal InvestigatorUnit/DepartmentCollegeOSPResearch AccelerationOther Resources
Locate funding opportunityPrimaryAssistanceAssistance
Read and interpret sponsor instructions for proposal preparationPrimaryAssistance
Ensure individual registration with e-Submission systems as neededPrimaryAssistance**OSP handles Institutional registration with systems
Manage restricted (limited submission) funding opportunitiesAssistancePrimary
Determine need for Non-disclosure agreements, Teaming agreements, etc.PrimaryAssistance
Proposal and Budget Development- Getting it TogetherPrincipal InvestigatorUnit/DepartmentCollegeOSPResearch AccelerationOther Resources
Create internal proposal record for review & approvals (KR PD)Primary*Assistance**Department support varies
Develop technical narrative, biographical information, institutional resources, etc.PrimaryAssistance
Identify subawardees/collaboratorsPrimary
For proposals with subrecipients, collect subrecipient documents (SOW, budget, budget justification, commitment form)PrimaryAssistance
Initial review of sub commitment form for completion including UEI#, SAM.gov expiration, IACUC or IRB, IDC rate agreement AssistancePrimary
For proposals with high-risk subrecipients (foreign entities or small businesses), develop fixed price/deliverable-based budget & SOWPrimaryAssistance
Ensure required time & effort available by key personnel, if awardedPrimaryAssistance
Draft budgetAssistance*Primary**PI may have responsibility in some departments
Obtain cost share approval (ICF- Institutional Commitment Form) from appropriate sourcesAssistance*Primary**OVPR to approve
Obtain approval for F&A (indirect) cost waiver/reductionPrimary*Assistance**OVPR to approve
Review budgetPrimaryAssistanceAssistance
Complete proposal (portal, forms) as indicated in guidelinesPrimary*Assistance**Department support varies