Proposal & Budget Development

Once a funding opportunity has been identified, the work of proposal preparation begins. The process involves internal (CSU systems/processes) and external (sponsor systems/requirements) components.


  • KR PD is CSU’s system of record for proposal and budget information. A KR PD record should be started as soon as possible after the opportunity has been identified, so that all parties (PI, department research administrators, OSP administrators) can use the record to track the proposal deadline, share attachments and sponsor information for review, and eventually route the proposal for approvals.
  • The PD record should contain, at a minimum, an accurate budget, a budget justification, and a project summary or brief scope of work, as well any attachment required for department and college review (internal and sponsor).
    • Minimum requirements (‘business section) list:
      • Scope of Work (or Project Summary)
      • Budget & Budget Justification
      • Subrecipient package: SoW, budget/budget justification, Institutional approval (CSU form or FDP letter)
      • Cost-share commitment (e.g., ICF, 3rd party commit form)
    • If a sponsor portal does not have any kind of administrative requirement or role for access and submission, the KR PD record must include all of the information and forms required by the sponsor so that department, college, and OSP personnel have access to the information.
    • When using one of the following proposal submission portals, we recommend putting only the minimum attachments in the KR PD record: NSF, Workspace, NIH ASSIST.
  • The budget construction engine in the KR PD record must be used to develop accurately calculated line items with the applicable rates, including personnel & fringe, F&A (indirect costs), and inflation.


  • The sponsor may have a specific system required for submitting the proposal.
    • If the portal has institutional-level administration, OSP may need to set up an account, or an account must be affiliated with CSU. Examples include (NSF) (individual account with affiliation); eCommons (OSP creates accounts); (individual account with affiliation; role for Workspace)
    • If the portal requires the PI to submit, OSP cannot see the information