Kuali Research

(KR) is an enterprise software system that addresses the full sponsored projects life-cycle.  It provides a single resource for all proposal, award and compliance information while providing a solution for complex workflow as part of the review and approval process.

How it works:

Easing the burden of grant and contract submission for the Researcher and Administrator begins as the proposal is being developed with tools that assist in collaboration, budget and compliance approvals.  The system continues to assist researchers by providing an electronic submission process, eliminating the requirement to re-key much of the information for Federal Agency form packages.

Successful proposals are managed by the KR Award module tracking negotiations, budgets, reporting, compliance and finally the close-out process.  Integration with the Kuali Financial System (KFS), provides on-going information; tracking any date, budget or scope changes.  When implemented, the Contract and Grants Billing Module (CGB) tracks the billing and receivable transactions with the sponsor.