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Indirect Costs Part II

Part II: Loch Ness Monster, Indirect Costs, and other folklore. November 8, 2023 Unlike indirect costs, there is no real proof that the Loch Ness

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Indirect Costs Part I

Part I: Loch Ness Monster, Indirect Costs, and other folklore. November 1, 2023 Nessie is back! New sightings of the famed ~1500-year-old Loch Ness monster

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Training Grants Roadmap Overview Proposal Submission Award Receipt Post-Award Administration   Touchpoints   Preliminary meeting(s) during proposal development with CVMBS Training Grant Office, the OVPR’s

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NSF and SciENcv Deadlines

NSF and SciENcv Deadlines August 9, 2023 The use of SciENcv to create approved senior personnel documents for NSF proposal submission and annual/final reports will

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Return to Sender

You have worked for weeks on a proposal and are excited when it is finally submitted. A couple of weeks later you receive a notification

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ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identification) is one of several tools designed to help investigators manage their profiles through multiple platforms, career moves, name changes, and

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Foundation Relations

CSU Foundation Relations personnel not only help philanthropic organizations invest in CSU through gifts and sponsorships, but we also advise and assist CSU PIs throughout

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Sweep Process Changes

Current Process The Fixed Price Project meets all the sweep criteria (all the funds have been received, no funds required to be returned to the

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