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Did you know?

November 28, 2022

When a Principal Investigator (PI) leaves the University there are a few options available for the transition of their research portfolio:

1. Transfer the project(s) to their new institution

2. Terminate the project(s)

3. Assign new CSU PI(s) to the projects(s) with the approval of the sponsor(s) addressing any change(s) to the scope of work

4. Assign new CSU PI(s) to the project(s) with approval of the sponsor(s), addressing any change(s) to the scope of work, and issuing subaward(s) to old PI at their new institution for a portion of the newly approved scope of work


If the leaving PI has a Faculty Affiliate Appointment, this allows them to maintain a relationship with the University and some academic/research duties, but they are not allowed to remain the PI on a CSU project since they are no longer an employee and do not receive salary or have an Institutional Base Salary for capturing the required PI effort.

Communication is key between the Investigator, Department, and OSP to make the transition smooth. Please plan early and reach out to your OSP Senior/Research Administrator to address the documentation required to proceed with sponsor prior approval before the transfer date.

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