Proposal Review & Submission

Proposal Review & Submission

Prior to proposal submission, OSP is responsible for reviewing the budget and other business elements for compliance with University processes and policies, sponsor requirements, and state and federal regulations.

For a list of items reviewed by OSP, refer to ‘OSP Proposal Review Responsibilities.’

Kuali Research Proposal Development (KR PD) is the tool used for reviewing proposal and budget-related information. A KR PD record should be started as soon as possible after the opportunity has been identified and should be routed prior to proposal submission for required department, college, and OSP approvals.

A KR PD record should contain, at a minimum, an accurate budget, a budget justification, and a project summary or brief scope of work, along with any attachments required for review. For more on required KR PD elements and a timeline for review, refer to ‘OSP Proposal Submission Guidance’.

If a sponsor portal does not have any kind of administrative requirement or role for access and submission, the KR PD record must include all of the information and forms required by the sponsor so that department, college, and OSP personnel have access to the information.

OSP has opted to provide an initial review of the budget and other business elements prior to the KR PD record being submitted to internal approval routing so that corrections can be made before institutional approvals are triggered.

Once the budget and business elements are ready for review, e-mail the appropriate OSP RA. OSP should be notified that the budget is ready for review at least 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline. OSP will review on a first-in, first-out basis and will strive to complete the review no later than 2 business days after notification was received.

After OSP has notified the PI and/or department that the business section review is complete, the proposal can be submitted to routing.

  • Proposals should be submitted for internal approval routing no later than 3 business days prior to the deadline.
  • Proposals should have all internal approvals before final submission to sponsor.

For sponsors and/or systems that require OSP submission, allow for sufficient time for the submission process to be completed.

Only the Authorized Organizational Representative can submit a proposal on behalf of the University. Refer to the Quick Clip Video on Signature Authority.