Award Receipt & Negotiations

OSP is the authorized representative for the University for sponsored project awards. PIs are not authorized to negotiate or sign awards.

As part of the OSP proposal submission process, OSP provides the appropriate contact information for an award either within a sponsor portal or with an institutional letter. For the major Federal agencies, electronic notice of award is sent to a designated OSP mailbox and is routed by the OSP Award Intake team to the appropriate research administrator.

When a proposal is not submitted directly by OSP, a PI or department administrator could receive the notification of award instead. Any correspondence about an incoming award, especially if it is an email with attachments, should be forwarded to OSP right away. (Don’t assume OSP received a copy.)

The appropriate OSP research administrator will review the notice of award to determine if any additional action or information is required before the sponsored project (‘53’) account can be set up. The following will hold up the account setup process:

  • Animal or Human subjects, select agent/biosafety/rDNA protocol process not complete
  • COI disclosure process not complete
  • Split of F&A between departments has not been provided
  • Cost-share account information has not been provided
  • Approval for waived F&A has not been completed
  • Award terms that cannot be accepted by the University

Agreements that require negotiation of applicable terms and conditions take additional time.

There are two main types of funding arrangements:

  • Cost-reimbursable: OSP submits invoices for costs already incurred, to be reimbursed up to a specific amount obligated by the sponsor
  • Fixed-price: OSP receives a set amount of funding according to the terms of the award document, with payments usually according a sponsor schedule, or based on deliverables

At the time OSP starts work on an incoming award that has subrecipients, the PI can submit the ‘request to issue’ form. Subawards cannot be authorized by OSP until the award document has been finalized and the sponsored project (‘53’) account has been set up.