When Colorado State University (CSU) receives an award that includes other institutions or organizations that will be programmatically and financially responsible for completing part of the project’s scope of work (“subrecipients”), we issue subaward agreements (aka, “Outgoing Subawards”).

Subrecipients have responsibility for the programmatic decisions related to their part of the work, and must meet the same performance requirements as CSU with respect to the terms and conditions of the award CSU has accepted. The Outgoing Subaward that CSU sends is developed in accordance with the prime award, and includes any additional requirements necessary to meet CSU’s obligation to our sponsor (e.g., subrecipient monitoring).

A subrecipient should provide a clearly defined Scope of Work for its portion of the project, a detailed budget, and a budget justification. The work for the subrecipient’s part of the project is usually completed by the subrecipient’s personnel, using subrecipient resources and facilities.

Evaluation of the subrecipient starts at the proposal stage.