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Award Receipt & Negotiations

Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Notice of Award, Review, and Acceptance- Getting it in OrderPrincipal InvestigatorUnit/DepartmentCollegeOSPOther Resources
Review terms and conditions in award noticeAssistanceAssistancePrimary
Review and negotiate award notice terms and conditonsPrimary
Review and negotiate Master Research and Development Agreement as applicableAssistanceAssistancePrimary
Review and negotiate non-standard terms (e.g.Intellectual Property, publication, indemnification, etc.)Primary
If awarded budget differs from proposed, modify budget/scope of work as needed, and provide to OSPPrimaryAssistance
Review approved budget, identify is separate project/accounts are neededAssistancePrimaryAssistance
Negotiate/accept award terms and conditions on behalf of the University; sign on behalf of the Board of GovernorsPrimary
Upload final award documents to FileHoldPrimary
Provide fully signed copy of award documents to PI & unit/dept for review and recordsPrimary
Develop Technology Control Plan and/or IT Security Plan, if needed per terms and conditionsPrimarySecure and Global Research