Department & College Contact Information

For assistance with Proposal Development record creation, the following people are able to create proposal records for all departments (units) in their referenced college(s): 

Cliff Schulenberg, 30xx (Ag Experiment Station); 11xx (Ag) 

Teresa Krueger: 12xx (Business) 

Liza Hunn, Valorie LeFebre: 13xx (Engineering) 

Tracey Trujillo: 14xx (Warner-Natural Resources) 

Stephanie Ouren: 15xx (Health + Human Sciences) 

Staci Folot: 16xx (CVMBS) 

Amanda Denstedt: 17xx (Liberal Arts) 

Lisa Anaya: 18xx (Natural Sciences) 

The following people are department/college research administrators who can be contacted re: access to proposal records and other information, for collaborations across colleges/departments:
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Contact Name(s): Contact phone/ e-mail:  Dept number: 
Cheryl Bowker [email protected] 1-4058 1049 (STEM Center) 
Matt Norton, Darren Cockrell[email protected] 1-2680

[email protected] 1-0818
1036 (SoGES) 
Cliff Schulenberg, Bethany Peterson, Joseph Miller, Skyler Miller, Kathy Evans
[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]
11xx, 30xx (Ag, AES) 
Teresa Krueger, Nicole Schleicher [email protected] 1-3180

[email protected]1-5988
12xx (Business) 
WSCOE (Engineering) Pre-award:
Liza Hunn
Valorie LeFebre
Sarah Chadock
Ashley Schumann
[email protected]
1301, 1370, 1372, 1373, 1374, 1377 (Engineering) 
WSCOE (Engineering) Post-award: For non-proposal related information. RPM Assignments 1301, 1370, 1372, 1373, 1374, 1377 (Engineering)
Samantha Reynolds
Adam Finefrock
Amanda Davey
[email protected] 1-8680 

[email protected] 1-3396 

[email protected]  
1371 (Atmos) 
Chris Ford
Kristen Parks
Erin Carleton
[email protected] 1-8144 

[email protected]  1-8636

[email protected] 1-8649
1375 (CIRA) 
Laurie Richards [email protected] 1-1991 1476 (ESS), 1499 (NREL) 
Tracey Trujillo [email protected] 1-8280 1401, 1472, 1474, 1475, 1480, 1482 (Warner) 
Jared Pelton[email protected] 1-33961490 (CEMML)
Stephanie Ouren[email protected] 1-607015xx (Health + Human Sciences)
Sonia Lynn[email protected] 15xx (Health + Human Sciences)
Staci Folot, Jacqueline Miles, & Loralin Welch (should be looped into review/approval on all 16xx proposals) [email protected] 16xx (CVMBS) 
Janice Inman
Sarah Reimer 
[email protected] 7-5061 
[email protected] 7-4182 
1644 (Diagnostics Lab) & 1682 (MIP) 
Leesa Huffaker[email protected]1678 (Clinical Sciences) 
Heather Johnson[email protected] 1678 (Clinical Sciences)
Lynn Kaatz
Ryan Sones
[email protected]1680 (Biomedical Sciences)budget  
Sarah Halsted
Sheree MacNaughton
Kiersten Slawter
Aaron Moore
[email protected] 1-6097

[email protected] 1-1094

[email protected] 1-4444

[email protected] 1-4439
1681 (ERHS) 
Courtney Archibeque 1-6151 [email protected]1681 (ERHS – OSHA only) 
Madi Ballard
Lexi Garriott
Corrine Lindstadt
Susan Rogers
[email protected]
[email protected]1-6460
[email protected]
[email protected] 1-8836
1682 (MIP) 
Amanda Denstedt[email protected] 1-5341Pre-award 17xx (Liberal Arts) 
Eden Trujillo [email protected]  1-2040 Post award 1787 (Anthropology and Geography), 1776 (History), 1774 (Languages, Literatures & Cultures) and 1782 (Political Science)
Lillian Nugent [email protected]  1-6429 
Post award 1773 (English), 1790 (Ethnic Studies) and 1781 (Philosophy) 
Maggie Seymour 
[email protected] 1-5895 
Post award 1770 (Art & Art History) 
Eliza Wagner-Kinyon[email protected] 1-6858 
Post award 1783 (Communication Studies) 
Alison Koss[email protected] 1-6566 
Post award 1771 (Economics) 
Amparo Jeffrey[email protected] 1-0980 
Post award 1785 (Journalism and Media Comm) 
Sherry McElwain [email protected] 1-0930 Post award 1778 (Music, Theatre & Dance)
Julie Pinkston[email protected] 1-6045 
Post award 1784 (Sociology) 
Lisa Anaya, Lauren Lucio, Laura Leinen
[email protected] 1-0537  

[email protected] 1-6904  

[email protected] 1-0610  
18xx (Natural Sciences) 
Justine Barela 
[email protected] 1-50401870 (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) 
Terri Frank
Jordan Foster
Karen Kahler 
[email protected]   1-2071  

[email protected]  1-0833
[email protected]  1-6382 
1872 (Chemistry) 
Kristin McLaughlin[email protected] 1-6207 1875 (Physics) 
Erin Whipple 
[email protected] 1-4306
1876 (Psychology) 
Adrian Macdonald 
[email protected] 1-7781 
1877 (Statistics) 
Julie Wenzel[email protected] 5-56201878 (Biology)
Jessica Hunter 
[email protected]
2012 (OHI) 
Annette Foster [email protected] 1-5726 2015 (Center for Healthy Aging)
Kerry Grohman [email protected]  2026 (CSU Energy Institute) 
Sandy Brown [email protected]  X 24385  2025 (IDRC/BioMARC) 
Diana Collins [email protected] 1-1766 2007 (Laboratory Animal Resources)