Proteomics Pricing

CSU researchers should provide a fund number to be used for charges.

Orders will be processed following receipt of a CSU Fund number or Non-CSU purchase order number.

Payment from Non-CSU researchers can be made by check, ACH, wire transfer, or credit card. If paying by credit card please include “CC payment” with your order. We use PayPal as our credit card processor and no longer require users to provide us with credit card information.

Pricing as of February  01, 2020. Prices are subject to change at any time.

* After appropriate training users may perform protein digestions and other sample preparation steps in the PMF. The cost for this covers facility use and consumables.

**Training must be completed before users can sign up for instrument time.

*** One hour minimum

Please note that costs are independent of result, and fees must still be charged for unsuccessful analysis in order to cover analysis time, instrument maintenance and consumables.



 Non-CSU Academic and non-profit



Trypsin Digestion + Clean Up$46/sample$69/sample$116/sample
Protein Quantification   (Base Charge + additional unknowns)
$59 + $4 for each unknown$88 + $6 for each unknown$147 + $10 for each unknown
Additional sample prep procedures$74/hour$110/hour$184/hour
MALDI-TOF MS: Instrument time (self service)***$50/hour$76/hour$126/hour
MALDI-TOF MS: Instrument time (full service)***$74/hour$110/hour$184/hour
LC-MS/MS (Orbitrap Velos)Protein ID cost/sample based on three standard methods$71/$116/$160$107/$173/$239$179/$289/$399
LC-MS/MS (Orbitrap Velos)Instrument usage$80/hour$120/hour$200/hour
Data Analysis Relative Quantification$740/project$1110/project$1850/project
 LC-QQQ-MS: Instrument setup (charged regardless of sample #)$155$233$389/hour
LC-QQQ-MS: Instrument usage $78/hour$117/hour$195/hour
LC-QQQ-MS: Method development$622/compound$932/compound$1554/compound
Manual data analysis and report generation***$74/hour$110/hour$184/hour