The Climate Adaptation Partnership (CAP) works to foster collaborations among Colorado State University researchers and center leaders that work on climate adaptation with two core emphases: 1) supporting interdisciplinary research efforts to address the complex challenges of climate adaptation and 2) building connections among researchers and policymakers to facilitate the application of climate adaptation research in policy venues.

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The CAP advances its own strategic work and serves as a hub for diverse expertise across Colorado State University. CAP’s efforts span across five themes, based on the existing work of our collaborators: 

1. Climate adaptive public land policy management, particularly around forest fire management.

2. Strategies to support healthy air and watersheds.

3. Integrated modeling systems that address social and ecological change over appropriate spatial and temporal scales.

4. Climate adaptive agriculture and food security.

5. Social and environmental justice to create thriving, inclusive communities in the face of the impacts of climate and demographic changes.

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