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LAR and RICRO staff moved all IACUC protocols into KP. These protocols were uploaded in a shortened “Migration Form” with the bare bones needed for this transition, and a PDF of the latest version of your protocol from eProtocol was included as an attachment.

Starting May 21st, 2020:

  1. You will no longer use eProtocol for IACUC protocols.
  2. All Migrated Forms will need to be transitioned into a new protocol in KP by a year after implementation, e.g. by May 20th, 2021. This means that if you need to submit a continuing review for your Migrated Form in August 2020, you will need to submit a new protocol in KP for review and approval.
  • If you currently have a new protocol submission in review right now in eProtocol, we will complete the review of your protocol in eProtocol and then RICRO IACUC Staff will move the information into KP for you after approval is secured.
  • If there are any issues or special circumstances, then RICRO IACUC Staff will contact you to address your situation specifically.

Our Protocol Liaison, will contact you regarding May, June, and July Continuing Reviews, and what the next steps are.

IACUC waivers were also included in the KP protocol migration and if you have a waiver, it was submitted into KP in the waiver form. 

  • If you had amendments for your waiver, the information from all amendments was included in the waiver form as well.  
  • This means that the website/email form will no longer be used for IACUC waivers and that form will no longer be available on the IACUC homepage as of May 21st.

Instructional guides can be found here:

All active cage cards have been migrated into the new system. Your new cage cards will have a “990” preceding their ID now. For example: CC# 73700 in eAO is now CC# 99073700 in AMS.

LAR Animal Care will be placing new cage cards on your cages. The eAO cage cards will be stapled behind the new cage card on the cage.

If you have any cage cards that have been terminated, please turn those into the Painter front desk immediately or scan the cage cards to

Animal Orders, Weaning Requests, Split/Separation Requests and Transfer Requests can all now be entered in through AMS in the Researcher menu

  • The LAR online request form previously used for weans/separations and transfers will be turned off on May 27th
  • The LAR online request form will continue to be available for work order requests ONLY

The billing period running from 4/21 – 5/20 will be completed in eAO. Another email will detail when you can preview that billing and make any changes to your accounts.

If you have any questions or need help, email or call (970) 491-6012.

Go to Animal Management System.

Schedule a remote training session or for more information about the new Kuali IACUC protocol module, please contact Zachary Callahan