Biological Research Management Platform

CSU’s new biological research management system, SciShield is designed to safeguard the research community as a central repository for all IBC, IACUC, and biosafety compliance tools. 

As of September 12, 2023, the Office of Research Collaboration and Compliance is working to transition from existing systems and historical databases to the SciShield platform. 

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SciShield is an enterprise software solution that connects the research community for more efficient communication and hazard management. Its integrated directory of people, spaces, hazards, and job activities serves as a baseline for all other modules related to biological research safety compliance.

Lab profiles drive safety requirements for biosafety approvals, training, and inspections – summarized and displayed through a user-friendly dashboard. Profiles can also be used for housing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other lab-specific documentation. Detailed information for new users on platform set-up and navigation can be found on the “How-To” resource page once SciShield access is granted.

SciShield is designed to host all biosafety outreach visits and IACUC inspection records. Supervisors can review reports and submit compliance-related information within the system, including documents and photos. 

The “Inspection Module” automates the inspection process and promotes standardization across the research community. Detailed information for new users on module navigation and use can be found on the “How-To” resource page once SciShield access is granted.

IBC approvals (formerly AARFs and PARFs) will be facilitated through SciShield and its “Biological Registration Module,” or more simply, the Bio Module.

Agents and projects will be linked to each laboratory profile and integrated with all other modules for a comprehensive overview of laboratory biosafety status. Information captured in the laboratory profile is incorporated into this module, reducing researchers’ data entry burden and improving accessibility.

The Bio Module is coming soon.

SciShield will be a central repository for all ORCC training content. In-person and online courses, from IACUC to biosafety, will be available for platform users in the “Training Module.” 

Supervisors can confirm personnel training in real-time and instantly evaluate any gaps in required training using a central dashboard. This module streamlines training content by combining all requirements, records, reminders, and courses in one easily accessible location.

All biosafety training has successfully migrated over to SciShield with all other modules to follow. 

For assistance with the SciShield Platform, please contact us!
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Please contact us for assistance with the SciShield platform!