CSU Biosafety Stewardship Initiative

The CSU Biosafety and Biosecurity Fair is Friday, October 6, 2023!!

Join us for the CSU Biosafety and Biosecurity Fair and help celebrate National Biosafety and Biosecurity Month!! A few of the activities we have planned include:

  • In-person SciShield Tutorials and Assistance
  • Lab Coat Tie Dying (lab coats provided for the first 20 participants)
  • Accessorize your Eyes (i.e., decorate your eye protection)
  • The Little Lab of Horrors
  • Biosafety Breakout/Escape Room

Vendors will be on-site with a variety of eye protection models. There will be representatives from various CSU units, as well as industry and federal partners, to discuss resources and career opportunities related to biosafety and biosecurity. Come take part in the fun for a chance to win prizes from the Stoggles, the CSU Bookstore, and GIANT Microbes. Pizza will be provided.

Who: Everyone who works in a lab!

When: Friday, October 6, 2023, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Where: Lory Student Center, Ballroom CD

Download the flyer here

View highlights from last year’s fair

CSU 2023 Biosafety Poster Contest
*Save the Date for the CSU Biosafety and Biosecurity Fair*

In accordance with October 2023 National Biosafety and Biosecurity Month, and the CSU Biosafety Stewardship Initiative, we are holding our 9th Annual Poster Contest! This year’s contest is open to all biosafety related themes (examples include, the importance of proper PPE use; proper containment and/or disinfection of infectious agents; awareness of IBC approval requirements; promoting a culture of biosafety; keeping lab fridges and/or freezers clean/well inventoried; or come up with your own). 

Poster Requirements:

  • Eye grabbing graphics and catchy slogan
  • Poster size: 8.5×11 or 11×14
  • Image resolution: should be no less than 150 ppi on the final print
  • Submit PDF, along with contact info to: csu_ibc.colostate.edu
  • Submission deadline: September 18, 2023

This contest is open to all CSU students and employees; you may submit a poster as an individual or as a group (ie., office/lab/club). Awards will be given for the top three posters.

View last year’s winning poster here.
View the 2023 Biosafety Poster Contest Announcement here.

Save the Date for the CSU Biosafety and Biosecurity Fair!
Friday, October 6, 2023, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Join us for fun activities and prizes. More details coming soon!!

2022 National Biosafety and Biosecurity Month

Here are ways you can participate:

  • Join us on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 for the CSU Biosafety and Biosecurity Fair! We are so excited to be back in person this year!! We have fun new activities, such as The Little Lab of Horrors, along with old favorites like the Biosafety Breakout and Microbiology Photobooth. There will be representatives from various CSU units, as well as industry and federal partners, to discuss resources and career opportunities. Come take part in the fun for a chance to win prizes from the CSU Bookstore and GIANT Microbes. Light snacks will be provided. Registration is encouraged, but not required: https://col.st/glCY6
  • Renew your commitment to be RAM Safe by taking the 2022 RAM Safe Pledge All individuals working, conducting, supporting, or administrating research play an essential role in research safety. It takes a community to be safe while conducting research.
    • Responsible: Each person understands their role and responsibilities to research safety, and the roles and responsibilities of others.
    • Accountable: Each person is accountable for their actions.
    • Mindful: Each person takes the time to understand the hazards and mitigate the risks associated with their research.

By following these guiding principles (Responsible, Accountable, Mindful) we can all be safe together. We encourage everyone to take the RAM Safe Pledge. NEW THIS YEAR: there will be two award categories; one for academic/research departments and another for administrative/research support units. The department and support unit with the highest percent participation will each be awarded a traveling trophy to keep for one year. One trophy will be the Golden Safety Goggles, and the second one is a surprise. 

  • Once again, this year’s Biosafety Poster Contest was highly competitive. We are excited to announce the winning poster was submitted by Charlie Stowers a Freshman in Equine Science.
  • Copies of the winning poster are being distributed around campus. If you would like additional copies, please contact [email protected]. Thank you to everyone who either submitted a poster or encouraged someone to submit one.
  • October is also CSU’s “Clean out Your Lab Fridge and Freezer” Month. We urge you to take some time to clean out your laboratory refrigerators and freezers and to ensure your inventories are up to date.

Happy Biosafety and Biosecurity Month!