IACUC Training, OHSP, etc.

IACUC Training: Required for all PIs on IACUC Protocols regardless of animal contact, and for all personnel in contact with animals under an IACUC Protocol.

    • a. If you will be in contact with animals on an IACUC protocol, please respond accordingly in the OHSP Online Risk Assessment Form.
    • b. After you have submitted that form to OHSP if you are due for medical surveillance, OHSP staff will send you an Animal Allergies Exposure Questionnaire that must be filled out and submitted.
    • c. Responses to the Animal Allergies Exposure Questionnaire are considered private medical information (confidential) and are sent to occupational health medical staff only—NOT to OHSP or IACUC Administrators.
  • 3. IACUC Training Record Form (attach to IACUC protocol when submitting)