Quarterly Strategic Investment

The submission window is from November 11, 2020 to December 7, 2020. 

Applications must be submitted through CSU’s InfoReady Review system and are due by 5:00 pm MT on the deadline date.  

The OVPR established the RCF, in lieu of the Quarterly Strategic Investment program for FY21, to develop a seasonal process in support of post-pandemic focused funding requests from colleges, departments, and other units.  The purpose of this process is to ensure research continuity and accelerate recovery, along with creating a synchronous submission of funding requests.  This process also provides a means to strategically assess funding needs across a larger pool of proposals, establish a common set of funding criteria, and promote inclusivity across the research and scholarship community at CSU.

The intent of the Quarterly Strategic Investment Process is to fund 6-8 awards against a funding pool of $100,000.  In each cycle, proposals are submitted representing the collaborative efforts of multiple PIs, projects, Departments, and Colleges.  The Quarterly funding opportunity is competitive and proposals are reviewed by an internal review committee within the OVPR.  The submissions present compelling cases for funding worthy of consideration.  As a result, narrowing the group to the top few for funding is difficult.

Dependent upon the quality of submissions and availability of funding, the OVPR has, on occasion, provided funding for a few additional proposals in a fiscal year. Total funding since inception is $1.68M.

Requests for funding will be accepted for a broad range of activities including:

Conferences/Workshops/Special Events support or sponsorship, Construction/Alteration/Renovation of research space, Center/Program/Research Program support, Access to Core/Specialized Facilities analytical services, Equipment/Infrastructure, International Research Activity support

The OVPR Quarterly does not accept requests for 1) curriculum development; 2) projects that are already in progress or have been completed; 3) seed funding for individual research projects (e.g. gathering preliminary data for single investigator proposals – team and/or interdisciplinary projects may be considered, but we recommend discussing the project with OVPR staff prior to submission.); or 4) graduate student projects (i.e. projects initiated by graduate students).

Requests for mandatory cost sharing will not be accepted through this process.  Please contact Pam Harrington for more information on submitting cost sharing requests

For questions and further discussion, please contact Ellen Fisher or Pam Harrington in the Office of the Vice President for Research

Conferences & Workshops Symposia$42,050$67,480$74,564
Facility Renovation$5,027$59,333$158,152
Center, Program & Research Support$167,068$68,127$105,406