Disparities in healthcareemergency room sign

The COVID-19 pandemic brought attention to several, massive health disparities that older adults in the United States face. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines health disparities as, “preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced by populations that have been disadvantaged by their […]

Age and media representationmedia

Representation matters. Seeing other people on screens, hearing their stories, buying products from commercials, and watching shows that resemble a piece of you can, in turn, shape your identity and worldview. Representation, especially in the media, can reduce stereotypes of underrepresented groups, creating the opportunity for validation and support of these populations on a societal […]

The consequential costs of MedicareMedicare

President Lyndon B. Johnson first signed Medicare into law in 1965, and 19 million Americans rushed to enroll in the program. The original Medicare program only had two parts, A and B, that resemble today’s parts A and B. The monthly cost for a Part B premium at the time was $3. Today it is […]